Matte Black BMW Lumma CLR 500 RS

BMW M5 | October 20th, 2008 by 34
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Matte black seems to be in these days. Just this past week, we have seen one of the most beautiful BMW X6s to date, the …

Matte black seems to be in these days. Just this past week, we have seen one of the most beautiful BMW X6s to date, the amazingly matte black model spotted in Austria. 

Today, all the way from Abu Dhabi, thanks to our friends at, we have another gorgeous bimmer to show you, the BMW Lumma CLR 500 RS, a vehicle based on the M5 and tuned up by Lumma Design. The high performance sedan received a complete body-kit, a racing exhaust system, tons of new interior improvements and…a beautiful exterior color: matte black.

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And for those of you that don’t dig the “Batman look”, Lumma has a nice shade of orange paint available, which I’m sure will satisfy your bimmer fans needs.

The BMW Lumma CLR 500 RS is powered by a V10 engine that delivers 560 HP and it tops out at 203 mph. Oh, let me not forget about the gorgeous 21 inch wheels.

Also, some of you might remember that the original Lumma CLR 500 RS was showcased last year at the Geneva Car Show, in a different but interesting exterior color.

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34 responses to “Matte Black BMW Lumma CLR 500 RS”

  1. Gragop says:

    The matte black M5 looks good – different, especially with the flared arches and dual rather than quad exhaust. However, the orange M5 looks horrible. Lumma is very hit or miss with what of their products actually works and what does’t.

  2. Simply_Bahraini says:

    it is amazing how a car that is almost 5 years old now, still looks stunning!!!

    a mercedes would look boring after 3 years!! for example, i thought the new S looked good when it first came out.. now i look at it and think hmmmm what was i thinking?

  3. YR999 says:

    this car is overdone in my reminds me of a christmas tree,to many add ons..jus a personal opinion.however that matt blak colour is excellent.wheel arches are jus tooo big.dual pies look kewl.fantastic rims.

  4. SmartyGeek says:

    WOW … Nice Blog … I LOVE BMW …
    I write about cars , too …
    my first post is about Dodge Viper ….
    i will write about BMW … Soon

  5. Gragop says:


    The fake orange carbon fiber trim in the second car gives me a head ache.

  6. Hantra says:

    I am ashamed to even post this. But I like the orange with the Scuderia looking stripes.

  7. Lance says:

    I’m just not comfortable with the colour matt black, why would any one want to make their BMW a dull colour instead of a classy high gloss??? Nice mod and body kits though

  8. t mchale says:

    A great way to ruin your M5

  9. Lee says:

    Wow… that’s a bunch of nothing at all.

    +12% increase in power, some straight-out-of-the-box suspension components and dress up pieces justifies that much attention??? I think not…

    As much as it pains me to say this, Dinan > “Lumma”. I really don’t care for Dinan AT ALL, but at least they were able to make some substantial HP increases to the powerplant. 25.6%, and they were able to keep it N/A. All the chintsy dress-up crap really does is disguise the lackluster “tuning” effort Lumma has put into it.

  10. Gragop says:


    Anyone else remember the days when Dinan and Alpina seemed to really stand for something? I think those days have been washed away with crappy “tuning houses” that pop up every week with some new, terrible body kit, gross custom interior and whacked-out wheel design. Schnitzer has become of the worst in terms of over-the-top, tasteless body kits.

  11. Gragop says:

    *one of the worst

  12. Lee says:


    I’m fairly young, so my “memory” doesn’t go too far back… Not to mention just being genetically predisposed to having a craptacular memory to begin with.

    The tuning house thing has gotten ridiculous, just as the term “tuning” itself is thrown around as if anyone who can apply a sticker/badge is an automotive “tuner”. To me, if you’re not tweaking A/F radios, you’re not “tuning” a damn thing. Slapping some pre-made lowering springs and ground effects on a car doesn’t exactly count to me.

    I’ll give this company the benefit of calling them a “tuner” since they did actually bother to squeeze a measely 60hp out of the 5L v10. To say that they accomplished anything newsworthy, however, might be going just a little too far.

  13. Clara says:


    I don’t think it is fake. It may not be carbon fiber, but it’s definitely fiber of some kind. Maybe it’s fiberglass with dyed resin.

  14. Amr Maranello says:

    I ADORE it

  15. Volan says:

    Japanese style tuning for japanese-looking vehicles (new BMW direction). And I actually think they look better than the stock M5…

    Its a shame, really…

  16. Gragop says:


    Ah I’m only 25 but I’ve read up a lot on the history of Alpina who basically builds brand new BMWs from the ground up. These days, it’s just like you said, slap Bilsteins and 3rd party wheels on a car and it’s supposed to be “tuned.” I wish companies like Alpina still competed in racing ( aren’t they going to run the M6 racing program or are they running a Alpina B6?) Where they would actually build and test virtually new cars.

    I’d love to have my own tuning firm – guess I’m going to make some stickers of my name and slap ’em on my car, drop the suspension 3 inches, add a roof, rear and front diffuser and some 20’s and then it’s “tuned.”

  17. Marc says:

    Now I love to “Look” at the first and second one. Now whether or not I would actually do that to my own car is a different thing. They have the typical DTM look. “Tuning” as a word has become diluted in this day and age…what SHOULD we call them now? Kit-makers? Auto Visuals Design Manufacturers? LOL…..

  18. Lee says:


    I always called them ricers…?

  19. Marc says:

    I only apply the ricer tab to someone who does 0% to the engine tuning….and I am talking about the company’s themselves. Ricer Company’s??? and the term Ricer in and of itself is misleading. Europeans were doing this type of thing for years…

  20. Gragop says:


    Can we call them tasteless asshats?

  21. Lee says:


    If you put 1/10th the effort into performance that you’ve put into “looking fast”, I consider you to be a ricer. That’s just my $0.02 on the subject. Carbon fiber interior trim and gaudy orange seats aren’t going to get you around the track faster. You’re not saving any significant weight. You’re simply trying to look fast.

    And I’m perfectly fine with “tasteless asshats”. That’s kosher with me.

  22. Gragop says:


    Great, now that we’ve resolved that, can someone come over to help me install the boost gauges on the dash linked to my naturally aspirated engine and help jack up my car so I can paint my brake calipers and rims lime green?

  23. Lee says:

    Doooooooood, that’s going to be suhweeeeeeeet!!!!!

    Paul Walker green???

    Oh, and don’t forget the A/F gauge (don’t worry about the wideband o2, either… you won’t need it).

    At least you’re on the right path with boost gauges. We all know you need at least 4; one in your instrument cluster, one on the A-pillar, one above the radio and one on the glove box so your underaged girlfriend can help you monitor the vacuum levels.

  24. Gragop says:


    The PS3 and plasma TV’s go into the trunk next week. After that I’m picking up some NOS bottles. I’m also installing the Top Gear “Cock-o-meter” into the car to gauge how much everyone around me in traffic hates me.

  25. Lee says:


    BMW + Paul Walker Green + “ICE”…

    I hope that Cock-o-Meter goes to 11.

    (Nice Top Gear reference, BTW. I “acquire” the UK version of TG religiously. New season starts up next Sunday, too!)

  26. ganicki says:

    Like the matte black– How do you protect it though.– the ornage interior is a little overdone — I could see probably half the amount of orange would do it–body kit is good

  27. D solomon says:

    I don’t like the orange, it reminds me of University of Tennessee yuck, I like the black M5 with the black wheels and add on a Florida State University tag on the back will be very sleek!

  28. saleh says:

    i want to buy the kit how can i do that ?

  29. mustafa says:


  30. Ganicki says:

    Lumma kits are great– beefs up the look of the car — How much more tuning do you really need to do to a M5–

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