BMW has announced today that they will be bringing out an M6 Competition Package. There will be a decent amount of performance enhancements, particularly to the suspension. The new ZCP will have an “active-chassis monitoring system” that is meant to monitor the suspension around the road and track and adjust it as it sees fit. The car will also have a lower front and rear axle of 10mm and 12mm. The lower axle height is supposed to aid in the turn-in of the M6 on the track, more so than the street.

A few other things like, a new hood designed only for the M6 ZCP with “character lines” and new double-spoke wheels, rather typical of BMW.

The M6 Competition Package will bring about the new iDrive system for the M6 range and also new, better side mirrors along with electrically powered auxilary systems. The M6 will now come with a new Carbon Black color option on all cars.

As of now there is no word on pricing for the new M6 Competition Package. Expect it to get a little more than a few grand more expensive than the M6’s already $100,300 base MSRP. There has also been no mention of any extra engine performance, but from previous experience with the M3 ZCP, I doubt there will be any engine additives, just suspension and wheels. I doubt they will add anything to the already strong brakes.

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[Source: Motor Authority]

Photo taken from BMWUSA