BMW doesn’t seem to be worried about the upcoming Tesla Model 3

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One of the most awaited cars of the year is Tesla’s fourth and most affordable model to date – the Model 3. The compact electric …

One of the most awaited cars of the year is Tesla’s fourth and most affordable model to date – the Model 3. The compact electric sedan promises a price point around $30,000 and a driving autonomy of at least 200 miles, enough to not only tackle head-on the BMW i3, but also the 3 Series Sedan.

Naturally, Tesla’s Model 3 is a topic of conversation not only among car enthusiasts, but also within the four-cylinder walls in Munich.

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At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing, talked to Car and Driver about the new Tesla.

“In many ways, I’m very supportive of what Tesla has done,” Robertson said. “The world needs that sort of new competitor. That isn’t to say that we’re not going to be very competitive with them as well, of course—but Elon Musk has achieved a lot, and I admire what he has done.”

Robertson also mentioned the transition for Tesla from a small to a large – or at least medium size – automaker and the challenges this transition would face.

“I think that [Musk] is moving from being a startup to being a full-blown company, and he’s beginning to understand some of the challenges that brings,” Robertson added. “Those are the sort of challenges we don’t have. We are able to productionize things and move quickly in that regard.”

“The Model 3 will come, but I’m not sure of what volume it will come with, I’m not sure of the price point it will come with, and I’m not sure how good the car [will be],” Robertson said, while insisting that the iNext, which we don’t anticipate seeing until 2021, will be “the latest in electromobility” when it comes out.

Robertson also said that BMW will sell 100,000 EVs and PHEVs this year, a significant number for the global market.

“We’ll have sold 300,000 or even 400,000 EVs before any [of our major rivals] have even launched them,” Robertson said. “We think that as we go through the period between now and 2025, that number will go up to maybe 20 percent.”

One thing is clear though – the next few years will be quite interesting for all automakers who are moving towards electro-mobility and production scaling, with lots of models being planned across multiple segments and competing for a demanding customer.

25 responses to “BMW doesn’t seem to be worried about the upcoming Tesla Model 3”

  1. Chris L says:

    Elon Musk today said Tesla is now producing “release candidates” of the Model 3 “almost entirely built with production tooling”, and that they will be driving them in a week or two. Robertson sounds a tad bit nervous (as July draws ever closer).

  2. Chris L says:

    BMW perhaps should also be concerned about the Porsche Mission E (coming in 2019), which Porsche now says will be positioned in the segment below the Panamera (so relatively affordable). Porsche is one of those “full-blown” companies that Robertson suggests will not have problems ramping up production of a new EV.

    • guest says:

      Easy to have a full model range rebranding VW’s. Still no EV’s though, so for now it’s the Porsche Missing In Action E. File it with all the other announced EV’s.

      • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

        LOL, do you really think it will be a rebranded VW? xD You do not know what you’re talking about… Not even close. XD

        • guest says:

          Since it doesn’t exist, neither do you. And BMW’s “silly concepts” have been on the road since 2014. Keep laughing, in Porsche’s case, @ nothing.

          • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

            I do actually exist.

            Show me the iNext on the road… Show me BMW announcing this in the near future.

            Porsche has a real concept of it, they have announced it and intend to release it in the near future. Nothing like the iNext, which is just a concept of how the future may look like according to their “vision”.

            If you call the i3 and i8 for “concepts”, let me tell you, they’re not concepts. They’re actual production cars.

          • guest says:

            Get back to me with the 3 way comparo of Model 3, i5 & i(maginary) Porsche. Take your time. They are.

          • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

            Again, BMW i3 is not the same as iNext. What is it that you don’t get here?

            Porsche Mission E is a car under development. Their concept is said to be very close to the production model.

            BMW iNext is not something that is even planned for production. It doesn’t even begin resemble a car they in the near future will release. Mission E does. It’s incredible how you put Mission E and BMW iNext concept in the same basket. It shows you’re not at all up to date.

            BMW i3 and i8 are production vehicles. Do you put iNext concept in the same category as them?

            What is it about the i3 and i8 that makes them more of a concept car than… any other EV or car for that matter? They are production cars since 2013… Where do they manufacture this iNext concept? Tell me that. That i5, where do they manufacture that?

          • guest says:

            “The concept is said to be…” By whom? You have no credibility. Just a keyboard. Just as ugly is also in the eye of the beholder.

          • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

            By a Porsche representative. Meanwhile BMW has made no such claims, rather explicitly stating that the concept is just a vision of the future.

            One have expressed intent of production in a few years, while the other one has stated it’s not up for production – because it’s a vision’s concept.

            You should know just as well as me that the concept they’ve been showing off is not something they intend to release in the near future, like Porsche intend with Mission E.

            Go read up yourself… Ugly may be subjective. Do you think this looks good (picture below)? Does it look production ready in your eyes? Does it look practical? Does it look financially viable or even technologically viable? It’s not at all the same thing as the Mission E.

            We’ll talk in a few year’s time when Porsche does release Mission E, and there’s still no gold BMW concept. Then we can wait 10 years more, and there still won’t be one of those concepts on the road.

            Meanwhile, BMW will release a lot of other EVs. But those are real, just like Mission E. No creative imagination of a distance future.


          • guest says:

            “Porsche representative”.
            Was he selling you a diesel Cayenne?

          • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

            Who else could make a statement like that? Elon Musk was the one to claim this with their concepts. How many Porsche concepts have you seen that never made it to production?

            You can see this on most concepts. Unrealistic concepts have interior that has no practicality, they are undrivable, they lack lighting configuration to comply with regulation, it doesn’t have a viable type of construction or materials. They’re made in such a way that you know it wouldn’t be safe to even drive it. If the seats are connected with plastic brackets, you know it wouldn’t hold up in either production or crash tests.

            The Mission E ticks all the signs to make this statement seem credible.

            Just because Porsche sells a diesel Cayenne, doesn’t mean they won’t make production car concepts… Your argument is silly.

            The design also isn’t proposterous at all. It reasonable for a company like Porsche. It has an interior that looks like it would in a production car.

            All of this gives that statement credibility.

            Oh, and another thing. The car drives. They have several protypes of it.

          • guest says:

            BMW have a long history of producing concepts, the Turbo evolved into the M1, the Z9 introduced iDrive, we know what the X2 will look like. Porsche do not build a diesel, they rebadge a Volkswagen.

          • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

            Next100 (guess why it’s called that) is not one of them… They don’t even say themselves that they intend to make it a reality the near future… -_- THAT’S the point here. If you look at it, would you say it looks production ready? Would you say it seem to comply with regulations?

            I’m not talking about announced models by BMW. I’m talking about a vision’s concept. They literally states this as a vision for 100 years ahead. Please, this is getting ridiculous, you have no arguments and you say I have no credibility? At least I’ve done the research and made a decent assessment about this…

            Porsche makes engines for VW Group, makes technology and platforms for them. Audi have models on Porsche platforms.

            If you think that Porsche is just a rebadged VW, then you really prove you have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you seriously believe this?

            Are these your counterarguments to my previous comment? Really?

          • guest says:

            You’re right, Porsche are famous for their SUVs, especially their LeMans winners.

    • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

      And it actually looks incredibly good as well, as opposed to BMW’s silly concepts.

  3. flubalubaful says:

    What Tesla has doing is nothing short of a miracle, they have now reached the point where they are going to be selling more cars in the 30 000 price range than any other manufacturer, when Musk releases information about the next cheapest car with 200 mile range or more and for under 20 000 other manufacturers are going to be kicking themselves as tesal is the EV to own now, nobody that loves cars or loves driving is going to want anything other than the best and that is tesla.
    As for the gold car above that is going to cost much more than even the model s and people might buy but not in any meaningful numbers as it does not look like it has the capacity for more than 2.

    • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

      Musk said they aren’t planning a cheaper car. They will effectively enter the price range of BMW i3, Leaf, e-Golf, Ioniq etc. People looking into these cars will have a hard time not going for Model 3. Unless, the competitors severely increase the value. Increasing range, decreasing price. Or both.

      Tesla is effectively putting pressure on the automotive industry, from the top and down. This is when it gets interesting, when they are entering the affordable price range of $35 k and up. You wouldn’t want to sell a $30 k car looking like a toy in comparison to a Model 3.

      There will be change, and I’m all for it. I just hope that there will still be driver’s cars. Autonomy is good, but sometimes I just want to have a good drive in a good car.

  4. hinu7ycfgr5e says:

    Are they calling hybrids for EVs? Why are they being so silly? Unless they have an EV competing with Model 3, they are not in the game and should shut up about their other cars. We are talking EVs here. Do you have a Model 3 competitor or not? Because honestly, I’d probably go for BMW rather than Tesla. But I won’t wait long. I need a proper car. I need a tow hitch. A fun and practical car. A Model 3 competitor.

    Can you do that, BMW, before 2021? Before 2018 even?

    I know you can… So let’s change the question… Will you do it? I’m assuming no.

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