VIDEO: Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 twins caught winter testing

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We all know that BMW and Toyota have been working together on a joint sports car chassis that will spawn the BMW Z4 and Toyota …

We all know that BMW and Toyota have been working together on a joint sports car chassis that will spawn the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra successors. We know that both cars will share technology, chassis components and maybe even some powertrain bits. However, they won’t be identical twins, as both cars will look considerably different and both cars will have different clientele bases. But, despite their differences, both cars went winter testing in the snow together and we’ve found some spy video.

In the video, we first see the Toyota Supra having some slidey fun in the snow. Its shape looks good from what we can tell, even though it might have some fake body cladding to throw us off. Though, the overall profile of the car looks very cool, with its incredibly short rear deck, duck-tail spoiler and long hood. It has a very classic sports car profile and we like it.

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We also get to hear its exhaust note pretty clearly. It sounds nice, with a sort of raspy six-cylinder sound. We don’t know for sure what sort of engine will be powering the Supra, whether or not it will be a Toyota V6 or BMW I6, but either way it sounds good.

Toward the end of the video, we also see the upcoming BMW Z4 doing some snow drifts. We’ve already seen a lot of spy photos of the new Z4, so this view isn’t anything new. However, it’s good to note that its classic roadster proportions are in tact. Its rear deck is a bit longer than on the Supra, but it has to be to fit the folding roof, so it’s obvious that these two cars won’t be identical twins, like the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BR-Z. We can also hear the Z4’s exhaust, which sounds considerably different than the Supra’s. This could mean it uses a different engine entirely or just that BMW and Toyota will tune the exhaust differently. But the Z4 definitely had a more growly, more refined sound than the Supra.

We can’t wait for both cars and this video just gets us more¬†excited.

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  1. Milos LIcko Bash Randjelovic says:

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  2. tom says:

    The new Supra is a total fabrication by the automotive press. They do not have have reliable information to the effect that Toyota has any plan to market a car under the Supra name, or even market a car that similarly performance-oriented. All that they actually know is that Toyota is working jointly with BMW to develop a car. For all the automotive press truly knows, Toyota will be manufacturing a car for BMW, and it will be marketed exclusively by BMW, possibly but not necessarily using the name “Z4” or similar. The name Supra is a name that Toyota used for several cars in the ’80s and the ’90s, and for all anyone in the automotive press could say with any certainty, the name “Supra” will never be used by Toyota again. The automotive press reported on the fact that Toyota recently took some legal steps to protect the name “Supra” as a legally owned trade name, and the press claimed that this was an indication that Toyota intends to use the name for a future car, but this is only wild speculation. The fact is that there are a number of reasons why Toyota would have taken steps to preserve legal ownership of the name. For all anyone in the automotive press knows, Toyota may be planning to license the use of the name. Or they may just feel that since it is a name that they invented, they don’t want other companies using the name for various other products. Not to assert that Toyota has no plans to market a future car using the Supra name. For all I know, they are. But that’s the point. Outside of an “inner circle” at Toyota, no one knows. All of the past and present hoopla over the supposed new Supra, that the automotive press has regularly used as news fodder for the past fifteen years, is nothing more than a fabrication, something that has been invented by the automotive press.

  3. Tom says:

    Sounds like a four cylinder

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