The new BMW 5 Series live with Nicki Shields

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BMW G30 5 Series Luxury Line exterior 20 750x500

Car journalist Nicki Shields teamed up with BMW UK to take a closer look at the all-new BMW 5 Series. To make things even more …

Car journalist Nicki Shields teamed up with BMW UK to take a closer look at the all-new BMW 5 Series. To make things even more authentic, Ms. Shields solicited the help of a BMW Genius who walks her through the history of the 5 Series, starting with the E12 and then onto the new 5 Series. The redesigned sports sedan will arrive on the market early next year and will bring not only a refreshed exterior design, but also a higher quality cabin and a plethora of standard features and options.

The new 5 Series exudes athleticism, luxury and elegance, and at a first glance, BMW seems to have a winner on their hands. Compared to the previous generation, the design of the G30 5er is more refined, more premium, yet just as sporty, if not even sportier.

BMW G30 5 Series Luxury Line exterior 15 750x500

On the inside, BMW wanted the new 5 Series to be the perfect blend between luxury, technology and sportiness. It also wanted to make the cabin very business-like. And to do so, it has used several design cues from the new 7 Series. No one can argue that the interior of the G30 is far superior than the one in the previous generation, from the quality of the materials to the technology and fine details.

BMW G30 5 Series M Sport interior 26 750x500

Included from the start of sales is an updated version of BMW’s traditional turbocharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine. It develops 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque in the £40,120 530i and the more powerful 355 hp and 332 lb-ft in the 540i, which will be sold exclusively with BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system in the UK at a price of £46,645.

Among the diesels is BMW’s latest 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, delivering 187 hp and 295 lb-ft in the expected volume seller of the new 5 Series line-up, the £36,025 520d. Also planned from the outset is a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel that provides the £43,835 330d with 261 hp and a generous 457 lb-ft.

The new 5 Series launches in February 2017.

2 responses to “The new BMW 5 Series live with Nicki Shields”

  1. Arunabh says:

    One thing i like about this blog is the optimism about the brand.

    However, it should never be blinding.

    The whole world (And i am pretty certain BMW top honchos will be in there in that list as well) is not willing to bet on success of this model wholeheartedly and we are been bomabarded with ‘winner on its hands’ phrases continuously.

    As a BMW fan, i too would want it too succeed but, as a true BMW fan, i also accept that BMW isn’t doing much to maintain its once enviable status and it has snoozed in times when others have burned the midnight oil.

    Although, at times i do feel that BMW has put quite a bit of investments in their i divisions and plug in model developments and it must have curtailed some critical investments that should have been part of development of regular models. Ans since that money will be retrieved in distant future, BMW has tried to play it safe with current models by making them, consciously, appear as more than just fresh updates of the previous models. This strategy will ensure steady inflow of money atleast. Whereas, adventurous routes might have put them on risk with current supplies of money as well. It is strictly my personal opinion.

    Who knows what they thought !! But one thing is for sure, they have played it way too safe even for BMW aficionado’s liking.

    • JohnS1000RR says:

      No joke! BMW needs to step up its game. Also, the BMW fanboy admins on this site need to look up constructive criticism.

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