VIDEO: Watch a totaled BMW come back to life

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I’m a big fan of wrenching on your own car. There’s nothing more rewarding than fixing your own car and having it work or adding …

I’m a big fan of wrenching on your own car. There’s nothing more rewarding than fixing your own car and having it work or adding some new upgrades and improving the way it drives. But this guy takes it to the extreme.

This F30 BMW 3 Series looks like another car fell on top of it, to put it kindly. It’s jacked up and looks so beyond repair. However, this fellow by the name of Arthur Tussik was determined to prove that wrong by bringing his 3 Series back to life. It’s actually quite remarkable to watch this man work and completely repair his car back to damn near perfect condition all with simple tools and some can-do attitude.

First, to repair the completely crushed in roof, Tussik uses a hydraulic jack to push the roof back up to about where it’s supposed to be. He doesn’t actually even keep the roof, as he breaks out his drill and takes the roof panel off the car completely. He replaces it with the roof panel from a donor roof he found in the same color. Unfortunately, he loses his sunroof, as the new donor roof panels lacks it. But I guess it’s better than losing the whole car. With some drilling, cutting, welding and painting, the roof looks as good as new. After that, Tussik replaces the trunk lid that was also ruined.

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It’s remarkable what Tussik was able told do without any crazy tools or a big work shop. That’s some serious dedication as nearly every other person would just have replaced the entire car. You have to admire the can-do attitude of Tussik and the sheer will to bring his car back to life.

I wrench my own cars myself but have never attempted anything remotely this extensive. Some minor engine work? Sure, no problem. Brake jobs? Piece of cake. Replacing the entire roof? No thanks. I’d probably end up making it worse than it was to begin with. So if you’ve ever done a repair to your car as extreme as this, please let us know.

2 responses to “VIDEO: Watch a totaled BMW come back to life”

  1. Balázs Mészáros says:

    this car is not Tussik’s car. he is repairing cars, on his youtube channel there are a lot of bodywork repair videos.

  2. Michał Brenda says:

    What this guy is doing should be illegal. This is a joke, an amateur, irresponsible attempt of fixing a totaled vehicle using a hammer and a welding torch. The final result of such ‘repair’ even visually has nothing to do with manufacturer standards not mentioning the safety issues of that death trap…

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