Live Photos: BMW G30 5 Series

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We can’t get enough of the brand-new G30-generation BMW 5 Series, currently. It looks great, has incredibly promising technology and chassis dynamics and is even …

We can’t get enough of the brand-new G30-generation BMW 5 Series, currently. It looks great, has incredibly promising technology and chassis dynamics and is even being featured in an upcoming BMW Films production, something we’re all excited about. So when were able to get our hands on some live photos of the new 5 Series, you can imagine we were pretty pumped.

While the new 5er looked great in the press photos BMW released with its debut, every car looks great in its press photos. If photoshop can make me look like Brad Pitt, it can make any car look good. So it’s when you see live photos of the car that you can truly determine if it’s good looking or not. So let’s check the new 5er out in the flesh. Sort of.

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I think it looks even better in the flesh than it does in the stock press photos. It’s less glitz and glam and more actual substance. It looks big and imposing, like a 5 Series should. The shoulder line is so sharp it looks like you could shave with it. As already mentioned in previous articles, the way that shoulder line meets with the flared front wheel arch looks fantastic. Overall, it’s a very muscular looking car and gives the 5 Series some much needed aggression.

This model in the photos seems to be the BMW 540i M Sport, the same model featured in BMW Films’ “The Escape“, and it’s probably the best looking variant of the upcoming 5er. It’s not too flashy, it’s not too aggressive, it’s just right. It actually sort of reminds me of the E39 M5, as it has just enough aggression to let you know it isn’t your average 5 Series but it’s elegant enough to be classy. Just a really well-designed car, if you as this guy.

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We can’t wait to actually see it in person and take it for a spin, to see if it drives as exciting as it looks.

13 responses to “Live Photos: BMW G30 5 Series”

  1. afra33 says:

    It’s a nice looking car most definitely! But is it better looking than the Benz E-class? Lets see on the exterior both have a great styling although the Benz has the slight edge on the looks but on the interior the Benz blows it out of the water, it’s miles better looking than BMW’s stupid sticking out of the nav philosophy which is destroying its image. I love the Benz’s interior sooo much better its not even close its like comparing a Bentley to a Chevy!

  2. Giom says:

    afra33, You have to assume that everyone on this planet share your tastes and opinions when you write opinionated judgments like that as if they were facts. That’s a little small minded.

  3. John says:

    4 Series interior looks like garbage compared to this car. Why then do they overlap in price?

  4. Jackson says:

    interesting that Australia gets one of the first global viewings in the world.

    Here’s a walkaround video. It’s very impressive

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