BMW M2 to launch with four colors

BMW M2 | May 6th, 2015 by 11
2016 bmw m2 photoshop 750x500

Today is a full news day for BMW fans and it starts with new updates on the BMW M2, followed later by a debut of …

Today is a full news day for BMW fans and it starts with new updates on the BMW M2, followed later by a debut of the 3 Series Facelift.

As we exclusively announced two weeks ago, the new BMW M2 will be powered by the N55 TwinScroll turbocharged engine with some components from the S55 engine. One of them is the oil pump found in the M-developed engine. The power output is 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. Now 2addicts reports that the engine will feature an overboost function just like the 1M, good for 25 lb-ft of torque.

2016 bmw m2 photoshop 750x500

We can also finally release what we learned in the last few weeks. The launch color palette will be limited. Our sources couldn’t say how many and what colors will be added in the future, but at the launch, the M2 customers will get to pick from four paint jobs: Long Beach Blue, Alpine White, Mineral Grey and Black Sapphire. The official color is said to be Long Beach Blue so expect to see the first marketing photos sporting the beautiful blue shade.

BMW M2 enters production in November with first units being delivered in early 2016.

11 responses to “BMW M2 to launch with four colors”

  1. Mike N. says:

    That’s a better light blue than Smurf Blue, aka Yas Marina Blue.

  2. 88E30M3 says:

    I have been very interested in this vehicle, but the alleged launch colors are meh… and the torque is supposedly only 13 more than a M235i. Furthermore, the likelihood that the M2 weighs more than an M235i is a strong possibility.

  3. FoggyAgave says:

    Blue, beautiful! Corporate ‘everymodel’ white, black, gray… snooze. C’mon BMW, break out the racing paint cans!

  4. jason bourne says:

    No red???


  5. Schmidlack says:

    Why is the there an orange one running around? And aren’t those rear wheel arches too abrupt like the 1M was? I thought they look much smoother on the proto’s we’ve seen. This car is my second choice behind a Cayman S. We’ll see how they compare before too long I guess.

  6. John says:

    The rear looks like a cheap car. Remove the BMW badge and it looks like a cheap VW or something.

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