BMW i8 Pricing, Options and Allocations for U.S. Now Available

BMW i | July 1st, 2014 by 23
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BMW of North America releases the final pricing, options, packages and wheel options for the new 2014 BMW i8. The majority of i8 orders were …

BMW of North America releases the final pricing, options, packages and wheel options for the new 2014 BMW i8.

The majority of i8 orders were allocated as Pure Impulse World, a limited launch package for MY14 and MY15 only. BMW says that 90% of the production was secured as Pure Impulse World to meet the expected demand of this unique package.

The remaining 10% of the production is available as the Tera World.

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Pure Impulse World

  • Carum Spice Grey full perforated leather
  • i8 designation on headrests
  • Seat belt in BMW i Blue
  • Surface of gear selector switch in zirconium oxide ceramic
  • Floor mats with leather border in black with contrast stitching in BMW i Blue
  • Engine/Trunk Cover in black leather
  • Laser engraved i8 door sill finishers
  • All brake calipers painted in black high-gloss with blue detail and ‘BMW i’ designation
  • BMW i Pure Impulse Card for the BMW i Pure Impulse Experience Program (details TBA)

Full details can be seen below.

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2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-1 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-0 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-0


23 responses to “BMW i8 Pricing, Options and Allocations for U.S. Now Available”

  1. John says:

    was this info sent to dealers or released to the public or ??

  2. Caracs says:

    Just finalized my order. You currently can’t order anything except Pure Impulse. Which means grey leather interior only. The only decision you make is paint and wheels. The “Tera world” is greyed out and not selectable, but he said they might open it once they get their 90% pure impulse orders on the first batch. Giga world doesn’t even appear to be in the system, so no black or white interiors for now. Late August, early Sept delivery.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Congratulations! Let us know when you get the car.

    • John says:

      where were you able to order it? seemed like you looked online somewhere? I am top of the list at my texas dealer and the dealers here have seen nothing

      • Carac says:

        I put a deposit down at my dealer the day they announced it in September last year. My salesman and I have been on the lookout for order info for months. When I saw it here this morning I emailed him and he checked, found the allocation came within the past 24 hours. I sent him the color and rim choice and he put it in. Production week is Aug 25th-31st. (I’m caracs, just from a different login)

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Glad to see we could help :)

          What was the sales price? Curious what the markup is these days.

          • Carac says:

            We agreed in writing on MSRP when I made the deposit. The other “conditions” were that they get right of first offer if I decided to sell, and they keep it in the showroom for a week to show other potential i8 buyers. $147,450 with destination. I know some dealers in Cali have firm orders for well over $200k.

          • Luke says:

            Where are you located to have gotten such a great deal some of the dealers here in Cali are asking up to $300k but if I could get it cheaper and have it shipped that would be great

          • John in Dallas says:

            Maybe I am not understanding what you wrote, but I can’t imagine BMW would allow any US dealer to gouge its customers. I would think that BMW would pull that dealership’s ‘license agreement’ to sell a BMW for doing that. Are you sure people are being charged that? Or is it a rumor? Just curious. My $.02 is that the MSRP is the MSRP. Is a specific dealership asking you to pay that amount to get on ‘the list’? (Lists started well over a year ago for this car. Some dealers, not mine, required nominal deposits.)

          • Luke says:

            I have been to several dealers in So Cal where I live to try buy one but I was told the best deal the dealer could give me was a deposit and I would be on the waiting list and 250k on delivery for obvious reasons I am trying to find a better deal

          • John in Dallas says:

            Just placed my order, too. Production # 0795547. Production week of Aug 18. Pure Impulse World, sophisto gray paint, gray accents, W style wheels. $146,500 MSRP

        • John in Dallas says:

          so, you will probably get the car in late october? also, do you know if laser lights were available in your order, or no?

          your dealer was able to go online and actually order the vehicle – wow. Texas dealers are saying they don’t have anything yet. what state are you in?

          • Carac says:

            Laser lights are still illegal in the US and probably will be for a while. Mercedes and Audi have been trying to get adaptive LED arrays approved for longer than Laser has been around and they still haven’t made headway. The “fall availability” for laser lights only applied to countries where they are legal. I’m in VA

          • Carac says:

            Aye, mine just included the 950 destination charge.

  3. Luke says:

    Any recommendations on how I could get one MSRP

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