2016 BMW X6 M – Spotted

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2016 BMW x6m 01 750x500

In just a few months, BMW will unveil their second generation X6 M. The F86 X6 M Sports Activity Coupe builds atop the upcoming X6 …

In just a few months, BMW will unveil their second generation X6 M. The F86 X6 M Sports Activity Coupe builds atop the upcoming X6 refresh and will launch later in the year.

The F16 X6 and F86 X6 M will make their debut this summer and is sharing a platform with the new F15 BMW X5. The design is built atop the BMW X5 and the upcoming X4, including the new headlights which connect to the kidney grille, larger kidney grilles and a “shark nose.”

The F86 X6 M has also grown in size, rising from 4877mm to around 4910mm.

2016 BMW x6m 08 750x496

These latest spy photos come from the usual spy photographer Palbay and gives us a fair look at the design of the new X6 M. Despite being still kept under wraps, the F86 X6 M reveals some of the typical M elements: dynamics front end with large air intakes, flared fenders, larger side skirts and the twin double exhaust tips.

The 2016 BMW X6 comes with air breathers on the sides, a trademark now on all new BMW models.

2016 BMW x6m 06 750x392

Under the hood, the 2015 BMW X6 M is powered by the twin turbo V8 S63Tu engine from the new M5 and M6. It will produce at least 560 horsepower in standard form and 575 hp with an upgraded Competition Package.

The new F16 2016 X6 will debut this Summer at the Moscow Auto Show.

4 responses to “2016 BMW X6 M – Spotted”

  1. Efoza says:

    Are you sure this is simply not a set of old photos of the current X6? They look dead boring and more like a facelift than an all new X6! What a shame. Another boring design by the current imagination lacking BMW design team.

  2. Matt says:

    What’s going on with the X series? Why do X4 and X3 have identical front design and the new X6 has the same front design as the new X5 and same rear design as X4? X6 used to have a really nice design (body lines, front, rear(not very but still great)). Why don’t they come up with, at least, a slightly different design in every model? Audi’s Q3 doesn’t have identical rear/front design as Q5, mercedes GLK looks very different when compared to ML/GL. Also, I am fed up with identical interior designs that originally looks boring and the worst thing is that the interior is copied into different models (X3 same as X4, ALL models of the 3 series same as ALL MODELS of the 4 series, 1 series and 2 series are also identical, while not a big difference between the 7 series and 5 series which makes 7 series looks cheap). Haven’t felt happy about the new BMWs recently other than its i vehicles. It should have gone towards i’s direction and re-packaging old stuff. Audi and Mercedes are raising their game in terms of exterior and interior design and if BMW still remains at this level, its market leading position will become history very soon.

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