2014 BMW 5 Series Model Year Changes

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BMW North America announces the following changes for the 2014 BMW 5 Series models. BMW 5 Series Sedan and 5 Series Gran Turismo: Updated design and new equipment

BMW North America announces the following changes for the 2014 BMW 5 Series models.

BMW 5 Series Sedan and 5 Series Gran Turismo:

Updated design and new equipment: Fresh contour lines for the surround of the BMW kidney grille and redesigned lower air intakes reinforce the sporty appearance of the 2014 BMW 5 Series Sedan. The accentuated width of the rear end is underlined by an extra crease in the apron, as well as slim, sharply contoured and therefore more striking rear lights.

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The 2014 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo receives a modified front apron exuding presence and solidity. Its redesigned rear end creates a longer and lower visual impression. A three-dimensional surface design for the area around the license plate holder and a chrome strip in the rear apron add further depth to its dynamic character.

Xenon Adaptive headlights are fitted as standard on all 5 Series models, while Adaptive LED Headlights join the options list for 2014. Elsewhere, the side indicator lights are now integrated into the exterior mirrors. Also new in the BMW 5 Series are the Luxury Line and Modern Line, in addition to the popular M Sport choice, each containing select design and equipment features.

iDrive4.2: Now with touchpad.
The newly-standard iDrive4.2 Navigation system makes use of an optimized menu display and allows access to Advanced Real Time Traffic Information. A new iDrive rotary controller with an integrated touchpad allows the input of characters for destinations, phone numbers, and other functions within the iDrive4.2 operating system.

New diesel engine: The BMW 535d Sedan has been added as BMW’s latest diesel variant in North America. Its inline-6 BMW Advanced Diesel engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology makes 255 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 413 lb-ft of torque from 1,500 – 3,000 rpm (preliminary figures). Simultaneously, the new BMW 535d Sedan is expected to show substantial fuel efficiency gains over its gasoline-fueled counterpart. BMW’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system is also available on the new 535d Sedan. Preliminary US EPA Fuel Economy figures for the 535d Sedan are 26 MPG city, 38 MPG Highway and 30 MPG combined, The 535d xDrive sedan preliminary EPA figures are 26 MPG, 37 MPG Highway and 30 MPG combined.

New V8 Engine for the BMW 550i and BMW 550i xDrive:
The new generation of the V-8 engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology for the BMW 5 Series model family takes to the stage armed with a 10 percent rise in output yet also significantly reduced fuel consumption. Found under the hood of the BMW 550i Sedan and BMW 550i Gran Turismo, it now also combines its two twin-scroll turbochargers and high precision direct fuel injection with BMW’s Valvetronic throttle-less intake valve control. The engine generates 445 horsepower and maximum torque of 480 lb-ft from its 4.4-liter displacement.

New to the BMW 5 Series: BMW Lines.

New exterior paint colors – and available for all models – are Calisto Grey metallic, Jatoba metallic, Mineral White metallic and Glacier Silver metallic. New variants have also been added to the line-up of optional light-alloy wheels.

BMW Lines are now available for the first time to all members of the new BMW 5 Series model family as an alternative to standard specification. Customers can choose between the Luxury Line, Modern Line, and M Sport. All Lines also include the option to upgrade to luxurious Nappa Leather upholstery at no additional charge


528i Sedan
550i xDrive Sedan
528i xDrive Sedan
ActiveHybrid 5
535i Sedan
535i Gran Turismo
535i xDrive Sedan
535i xDrive Gran Turismo
535d Sedan
550i Gran Turismo
535d xDrive Sedan
550i xDrive Gran Turismo
550i Sedan

7 responses to “2014 BMW 5 Series Model Year Changes”

  1. Tibtib21 says:

    Are you sure the 535d will produce 255HP ?? Because in Europe the 530d produce 258 HP and the 535d produce 313 HP. So a gap of 58 HP beteween the US and European model seems very huge…!

  2. Sammie says:

    why are the BMW prices in US so cheap , compared to Europe ? 528i is approx 39000 euro in US, and here is priced 46000 euro ?

    • Mohamed Boukachabia says:

      less government taxes in US maybe

    • Ninong says:

      It’s mostly a matter of how taxes are collected, as well as the fact that car manufacturers price their cars differently in different countries or regions of the world in order to remain competitive with local market conditions. Then you must also throw in currency exchange fluctuations. For example, the euro today is worth $1.37 but back in October 2000 the euro was worth only 83 cents (American cents). That means the German cars today cost a lot more in the US than they did back then.

      In the European Union there is a VAT (value added tax) that is included in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In the case of BMW’s sold in Germany, the VAT is 19% and it’s included in the list price. The VAT varies by country. It ranges from 15% to 27%. In most, but not all, states in the US we have a sales tax that is added to the selling price of the car but not included in the advertised suggested selling price. Our sales tax doesn’t come anywhere close to the typical 19% to 25% VAT charged in the EU.

      You cannot compare the suggested list price between countries. The only thing you could compare would be the final price (out-the-door) that you would have to pay to drive the car home with you. By the way, BMW’s cost a lot more in most Asian countries, but with exceptions for those actually produced in that country. Some countries impose extra taxes based on the engine size, too.

      • Sammie says:

        True, here in Belgium, VAT (tax) is 21 procent. So that would explain the difference. I thought in the US there would also be something similar, but apparently not. Lucky you !

  3. mckillio says:

    Are there any talks of downsizing the V8 to 4.0 liters?

  4. Mohamed Boukachabia says:

    i like the price upgrades to

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