2014 BMW M5 Facelift to include Competition Package – Extra 15 hp

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The 2014 BMW M5 Facelift will come to market in the next few months and a new package will be offered by the M folks. …

The 2014 BMW M5 Facelift will come to market in the next few months and a new package will be offered by the M folks. The Competition Package will be available for the F10 M5 LCI and it will offer 11kW / 15hp extra. Another goodies in the super sporty package will include a specific suspension, new M steering wheel, tailored MDM application, exclusive new 20 inch wheels and new sport exhaust system with Black Chrome tailpipes. The maximum speed will also be raised to 305km / h.

With the upgraded power, the 4.4-liter (4395cc) turbocharged unit with BMW M TwinPower Turbo will now produce 575 horsepower and 680Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque from only 1500rpm. The high-rev unit should rocket the M5 to 62 mph even faster than the 4.4 seconds previously reported.

Also seen in the video below, yellow brake calipers indicate the use of a new package.

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Rendering by TopSpeed

Design wise, the LCI F10 M5 will get a new set of kidney grilles double slatted and sporting the M5 badge on them, a trait started by the new M6. Optional squared corona lights will be offered as well.

We expect to see facelifted M5 to debut in September at Frankfurt Auto Show.


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23 responses to “2014 BMW M5 Facelift to include Competition Package – Extra 15 hp”

  1. Dutchie says:

    Full led headlights? With the new adaptive lights like on the 6 series?

  2. viper says:

    it is a great car already but I will never understand why don’t they distance one M from another , the m6 and now the m5 almost look the same from the front , it’s ridiculous , the hp increase mean jack if you ask me , there are a lot of tuners who can pump up this engine way above 600 easily , these extra 15hp and a couple of kmh more means nothing really , they should focus on the car’s looks , distance the series from one another , 5 , 6 ,7 and 3 , M engines should be different in each car , the character and everything , that’s better for marketing , not copy and paste

    • viper says:

      If you want an m5 that looks different from an m6 just get an e63 or an rs6 or the xf with 550 hp, maybe even a panamera turbo or a cts v. They are all exactly the same anyway (except the panamera and the ctsv obviously, but they still belong in the same class more or less).

      • viper says:

        no I prefer the bmw lineup , its just that I dont like their design policy , to those who are less into the brand , they sometimes mix up the 3er 5er 7er from the back , the 5er and 7er are very similar , both in looks and size , I’d like bmw to distance their series , like e class , you just can’t mistake e class for an s class , however sometimes it’s hard to see difference between c and s class , old clk and cl are also similar on the sides…but somehow they manage to distance them all from one another better than bmw

  3. Tom Schmidt says:

    As an F10 M car owner, I don’t know what the extra HP is for. It’s essentially an impossible car to drive on the open road considering the state of our congested city to city highways. It’s also a bit heavy for the track. The E60 M was better for that. Sadly, the F10 M is a better car in Germany than it is here.

  4. Mateo says:

    just like in 90’s!
    when e34 was updated,
    also e32 looked like e34

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