Leaked: New 2014 BMW X5

BMW X5 | January 14th, 2013 by 12
BMW X5 F15 2013 Erste Bilder 02

The new BMW X5 has just been leaked on the interwebs. The first images show the front and rear of the third-generation X5 and apparently …

The new BMW X5 has just been leaked on the interwebs.

The first images show the front and rear of the third-generation X5 and apparently the pictures are taken from a Web configurator. We expect the full photos to be unveiled sometimes in early summer with production beginning in August.

As we have previously reported, the third-generation F15 X5 uses the car architecture from the 5 Series which will make a significant contribution to weight reduction of more than 100 kilograms – despite its larger dimensions. The lower weight is also laying the groundwork for some weaker base engines.

2015 bmw x52

We anticipate a series of four-cylinder engines to be used, both the gasoline and in diesel engines.

Stay tuned for more info!

BMW X5 F15 2013 Erste Bilder 021 655x343

12 responses to “Leaked: New 2014 BMW X5”

  1. LoMa says:

    pure uglyness..

  2. Giom says:

    I recon proper fotos will do it more justice. This is just too small!

  3. Rick Ross says:

    Looks beastly! the person below must be blind.

  4. Tengiz Kaya says:

    you fools, this car looks great

  5. Matt says:

    This car looks phenomenal. The color looks like crap…literally…but other than that it’s fine.

  6. Gastrapolus says:

    naaahhh, cayenne for me

  7. viper says:

    Im not stunned but it looks different , how long is it since it will offer a 3rd row ?
    one thing is for sure , judging by the photo the new x5 is not a looker , but probably will kick ass in all other segments .

  8. sammyt says:

    boxy looks lands it in the MPV segment like the Jeeps, Toyota Prados, Discovery and other boxes suitable for seven seat configuration. Sportiness SUV is defined by an aerodynamic shape with a dropped nose for starters eg Cayenne X5 E53, ML or sports back eg ML, X6. Overhangs should be minimum and the length is what diffentiates an MPV and SUV. Audi Q7 is too long with overhangs thus is more a bus than SUV. X5 is too good to improve most likely they will just spoil its good looks in the next generations. I will stick to my X5 E53 , 4.4V8 for now.

  9. hashad khodabacchus says:

    third generation x5 will be more powerful

  10. Nordic says:

    I to state ahead I am a loyal X5 customer, I started with my 4.8is and loved it, nowadays it’s with my wife and me with X5 M and D X5 M, well well when I see the 3rd generation of my future car I have to say the evolvement shows, BMW started a fashion of SUV’s which is in my eyes more than a statement as now it’s just to see how the M-Version will distinguish itself from the Rest…. BMW keep going for an even more aggressive look for the M-Versions…

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