Photo Comparison: BMW Active Tourer vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class

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As with any new concept or production car released by BMW, we take a look at its competitors on the market. Yesterday, BMW unveiled their …

As with any new concept or production car released by BMW, we take a look at its competitors on the market. Yesterday, BMW unveiled their first FWD and multi-purpose vehicle versions (MPV) of small family cars (sometimes also referred to as “compact cars”). The BMW Concept Active Tourer will come to market within two years and will compete against a similar offering from Mercedes-Benz and its B-Class vehicles.

Based on the sales reports, Mercedes succeeded with the B-Class by offering their customers a vehicle with a little more space and less focus on vehicle dynamics. The premium image of the brand has been maintained, an important aspect when launching a new family of products.

Photo Comparison: BMW Active Tourer vs Mercedes Benz B Class

Our photo comparison takes a look at these two vehicles, but a few caveats are in order. First and foremost, the Active Tourer is simply a concept at this moment and the production car will go through styling changes, both inside and outside the vehicle. This is a common trait we have seen across other BMW concepts that came to market in the past versus the final production car. Second, the B-Class in now over a year old, in design terms, and by the time the Active Tourer comes to market, the edgy aspect of a new and fresh design might overshadow the current design lines of the B-Class.

Photo Comparison: BMW Active Tourer vs Mercedes Benz B Class

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    the Mercedes looks aged already…..

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    Merc did try hard to give the new B a design edge, they failed. Should learn from the masters of ‘edge’, BMW.

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      Oh please. Give me a break. It’s a comparison nothing more. Watch others do the same we do.


  • FooFoo
    • Horatiu B.

      That’s a heavy camouflaged test mule with lots of plastic body panels on top to disguise the final design. Exterior wise, I expect the Active Tourer to maintain about 90% of the concept lines.

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