Photo Comparison: New 2013 BMW M6 vs. Old M6

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The photo comparison tradition we have started years ago continues today with a new installment: 2013 BMW M6 versus the previous generation M6. Compared to …

The photo comparison tradition we have started years ago continues today with a new installment: 2013 BMW M6 versus the previous generation M6.

Compared to the previous E63/E63 M6, the new F12 and F13 models have slightly grown in size. The F13 Coupe now measures 4,898 mm in length, 1,899mm in width and 1,374 mm in height compared to 4,871 mm, 1,855mm and 1,372 mm for the previous model.

The F12 Convertible is also marginally larger than its predecessor, but slightly lower: 4,898 mm length, 1,899 mm width, 1,368 mm height versus 4,871 mm, 1,855mm and 1,377 mm.

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Design wise, the new BMW M6 kicks the level of sportiness a notch higher, with a much more aggressive front-end that dominates the road with its air intakes and the road-focused design of the hood. The kidney grille also receives a fresh design with paired blacked out kidney grille slats take their cues from the characteristic double-spoke design of the M light-alloy wheels. The newly designed M kidney grille now bears an M6 badge.

At the rear, the new M6 sports a lower profile and a redesigned diffuser. The taillights continue to wrap around the body, but with the L-shape now continuing onto the trunk.

The 2013 BMW M6 shines with its interior design which can be described as xtremely sporty and luxurious. The driver-oriented cockpit reminds of the sporty allure of the M6, while the luxurious and premium feel are given by the newly developed M sports seats, Merino extended leather upholstery, door sills with “M6” lettering, an M driver’s footrest, exclusive carbon fiber interior trim and the BMW Individual roof liner in Anthracite.

In our opinion, the interior design of the new M6 is a huge step forward.

The new F12 Convertible retains the soft top.

The new 2012 BMW M6 Convertible will be the first to reach US BMW Center showrooms in June 2012, followed by the Coupe in September.

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23 responses to “Photo Comparison: New 2013 BMW M6 vs. Old M6”

  1. Trillionblaze says:

    the  front  of  the  old  one  looks  far  more  better  than  the  new  one, if  possible,i’ll only buy the new engine. in  any case M///Power, all  the  way

  2. IN77 says:

    the E63 is sexier, more specifically, more aggressive, more explosive … the new one is beautiful, but it’s only the “older sister” of theE92 … I definitely prefer the previous! the e63M6 has been tremendously innovative, and will remain forever in the history of bmw … 

    • Mateo says:

      i igree with you 100000000000000 % e63 and e60 m model were EPIC, special made V10, SMG III, M iDrive with M button, that design, and of course they were much lighter than current M cars and back in 2004 (damn, those cars are 7+years old) they were FAST!!!!

  3. Ted Park says:

    BMW’s current design language under the stewardship of adrian van hooydonk is very modern without looking too stylized.  It’s classy without being too ostentatious or avante garde.  It’s no wonder they are where they are.  The last crop of BMW’s just look way too disproportionate and disjointed.  At certain angles they look nice, but mostly from the back they look like bulbous patchwork.  The current, 5,6,new 3, X3, 7 series are all much more cohesive. 

  4. auaq says:

    Why the pink-ish comparison on the E63? It looks hideous.

  5. BOLRMKR says:

    The only notable improvement was in the interior design. The front end can be debated, but they failed in not making the back end look as demanding and powerful as the e63.

  6. LaMa says:

    that bungle crap has nothing on this new one.  dark ages are gone,  bungle is gone !

    anything that comes out of BMW since he left is much better then anything he ever did.

    it was a good day when he gave up butchering bmw’s

  7. lonely says:

    the old one looks too much beter.

  8. fruneed says:

    is another thing compare these two babies in real life..with your own eyes..

  9. Rickyuknowme says:

    new one all the way so much sexier

    • Trillionblaze says:

      can you really feel the line in the front & bonnet style, the light shape. they should have used the old front, the new back, the new engine…..

  10. Viper says:

    NOW do you kids see that Bangle was light years ahead in designing a beauty car…
    e63 , looks better in my opinion , and the sound is 10x better , but l wouldnt mind the new one in the e63……

  11. Johnparke says:

    The new car is very very very pretty, but I think I like the old LCI M6 more ( or at least the front of the car. The back is still hideous). Its weird, because I know its kind of ugly,but I just feel more connected to it if that makes any sense. It has more soul I guess is what I am trying to say.

  12. Anonymous says:

    In Front the old model looking more agressiv :) 

  13. LovePollution says:

    The old one looks a lot nicer in my opinion. I also can’t stand the fact that they’ve discontinued use of the V10, which is exactly why I’ll be keeping my E63 M6 for a few more years.

  14. Nik says:

    I love my E63 convertible. In my opinion it is way better than the new one!

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