Chris Bangle writes book and launches contest

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chris bangle11 750x500 Chris Bangle writes book and launches contest

Chris Bangle, the charismatic designer and ex-chief of design at BMW, launches a novel. The U.S.-born designer penned the Peter Teufel, A Tale of Car …

Chris Bangle, the charismatic designer and ex-chief of design at BMW, launches a novel. The U.S.-born designer penned the Peter Teufel, A Tale of Car Design in 3 Parts. But there is more to it. The prologue includes a description of six different kinds of vehicles that lead into a drawing contest.

Bangle wants his readers to sketch out those concepts and submit the ideas. The grand prize winner will receive a trip to the studios of Chris Bangle Associates (CBA) in Italy or €2,000. Ten other winners will have their designs showcased on the official Chris Bangle site and published in the second edition of the book.

The contest is open to “design students of all disciplines” who are not paid professionals.

chris bangle11 655x385 Chris Bangle writes book and launches contest

His retirement in March of 2009 marked the end of a decade and a half of service designing automobiles for BMW. Born in the USA, Christopher Bangle, aged 52, has been Head of BMW Group Design Development since October 1992. After studying at the University of Wisconsin and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he began his working life in Rüsselsheim, where he worked for Adam Opel AG. In 1985 he joined FIAT, where he became Director of the FIAT Centro Stile in 1992. Shortly afterwards he left the Italian automaker to come to Munich.

Over the years numerous designs for new vehicles and vehicle concepts have been developed under Christopher Bangle’s leadership. As well as continuing the BMW 3, 5 and 7 Series, he and his teams were responsible for a range of other models, including the BMW Z3, BMW Z4, BMW X5, BMW Z8, BMW X3, the new BMW 6 Series, the BMW X6 and the BMW 1 Series. Other developments under the auspices of Christopher Bangle include the new MINI and Rolls-Royce models and a number of innovative motorcycle concepts. During his tenure, Christopher Bangle was also instrumental in making the company’s consultancy subsidiary, BMW Group DesignworksUSA, what it is today: a global design agency in North America, Munich and Singapore for leading international brands and companies in a wide variety of industries.

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9 responses to “Chris Bangle writes book and launches contest”

  1. LaMa says:

    anybody does anything and will be better then anything chris bangle ever did.
    yet to see anything I liked he designed. during his prime time, bmw’s were the
    worst and most grotesk cars. It took bmw a few years to shake off the bungleism.

  2. Mateo says:

    i like his cars, for example E60 5 Series was epic, not just the looks, but the specifications, E60 bmw 530i weight was the same as 530i E39 while today F10 530i is BIG BOAT and its slower than E60 530i

    • JohnC says:

      yes that is true, E60 was a good looking car, especially the facelift. And it’s true that E60 was a good handling car, even better than E39,
      because wider wheels could be fitted while weight was pretty much the
      same, so there was more mechanical grip. Also 6 series is really good looking vehicle as well, I wouldn’t say that Bangle made any ugly cars beside early (pre FL) E65, which was kind of odd, but was remedied with facelift. However I have not heard of F10 530i, I guess you mean 528i?

      • Mateo says:

        in europe theres 530i, last naturally aspirated I6 engine, it’s the same engine form facelift E60 530i. 3,0L 272hp 310Nm (funny, E60 had 320Nm)

    • LaMa says:

      what does he have anything with how the car drove ? He was a stylist !!! He did not know ANYTHING about the car’s handling power etc.  E60 looks cheap and outdated already. It was one of the worst BMW ever created.  Also the structure was really weak and problematic. BMW abandoned the idea of doing it ever, all new cars have better front structures. The E60 is a repair nightmare, not that its Bungle’s fault, but you guys ventured into technical aspects. Its front end is GLUED to the bulkhead and 2 different material, so in case of an accident its either repaired by BMW (only IF it can be) and the front end structure has to be changed. Extremely pricey and sensitive, not even talking about the actual integrity of the work.
      While it seems like a small detail, imagine buying a car with accident and bad repair and then get into a 2nd accident. Cars should be built so they can be repaired fairly easily. Its part of the automotive industry. BMW got a few lawsuit on their back concerning about this. They did not wanted to release the info regarding proper fixing technology, citing problems with improper repairing methods, not good enough body shops, etc etc. Bottom line was even BMW had issues about fixing the car’s structure after it was damaged. The real solution was to total the car and scrap for parts, but what cars will need parts if most damaged cars will be scrapped ?
      few years from now when the E60 hits the bottom dollar (and they are falling faster then the Greek economy) and there will be a lot of trouble for improperly fixed cars.

      anyway I did not like any of the bungle cars. E46 which he had very little to do, was the last good looking car. Since he departed and let others lead and choose the designs, the cars are again elegant and nice. All the F cars with the exception of the 1 series looks lightyears better then the car it replaced.
      oh and nobody needs to explain the style anymore. Remember how bungle had to explain the style over and over so people could actually warm up to his design ?
      His explanation was that you look at the E60 in a dark color with very little dim light and you squint your eyes and you will see a beautiful shape that looks like a race car !  Not kidding, I was there !!!!  He said it !!!   Well I want to look at the car in any color in any light and see a nice line and one that is pleasing to the eye.
      not one of his butchering was pleasing to the eye.

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