Mission Impossible 4: Quick Review, no spoilers

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Courtesy of BMWNA, I had the chance to attend one of the Mission Impossible 4 premieres that took place this week in major cities across …

Courtesy of BMWNA, I had the chance to attend one of the Mission Impossible 4 premieres that took place this week in major cities across the US. 2011 has been an important year for the brand, high volume sales, new model launches, but also the return to the marketing Ivy league. In February, BMW joined other automakers with two ads at the Super Bowl where the company focused on the “EfficientDynamics” message, as well as promoting the redesigned X3.

Hollywood was the next big comeback and BMW now returns to the glamorous world of movies with one of the biggest franchise in Hollywood: Paramount’s Mission Impossible.  The full-packed action movie showcases not only BMW’s vision for future products, but also some of the most recently launched products.

In In our opinion, and without taking away from Tom Cruise’s performance, the star of the show is the BMW i8, the premium hybrid sportscar that goes on sale in 2014 and will shape the future for the i sub-brand. The i8 gets a few minutes of fast driving in crowded cities, a perfect opportunity for the  brand to showcase some of the innovative technologies that will be available in the car. Think along the line of cool 3D Head-Up displays and safety.

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The i8 fits the personality of a playboy or high-profile Hollywood star, so don’t be surprised if the first i8 customers will come from that demographic.

Since it was an-all BMW-powered movie, the new 6 Series Convertible also joined the high-speed chases and …held its own. One of the best products ever introduced by BMW, the X5 SAV, comes to show that the car remains popular in any part of the world. More surprisingly was the appearance of the new F20 1 Series Hatchback, and even more interesting was the scene selection for its debut, in a way showing why it received 5 stars in the EURO NCAP crash test.

Overall, it was an entertaining flick, in-line with the previous installments and for BMW fans, a must see.

Feel free to come back after the movie debut and tell us your opinion.

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17 responses to “Mission Impossible 4: Quick Review, no spoilers”

  1. Giom (iPad) says:

    Can’t wait to see it! I was a big fan of MI 3, so, this one, filled with BMWs, is a really great Xmas gift!

    Also, just wanted to add… Horatiu: LUCKY!!!!

  2. Andrei M says:

    Our local BMW dealer also made a MI night for BMW customers and fans. It’s a good popcorn movie. And the car looks great. 

  3. StraightSix says:

    Watched it yesterday, and I wasn’t impressed. The BMW cars are put in obvious commercial manner, it’s annoying. Each time BMW just by chance stands by for Tom Cruise to hop in. If you want a real car movie to watch, check Ronin, which includes many brands including Audi, Citroen, BMW and others and all are used in possible and realist manner.

    • Tyrol says:

      by “realist” manner :D? What do you mean? The scene where de Niro chases an e34 with his renault or citroen or whatever is anything but realistic. What sort of citroen can keep up with 535i?

      • StraightSix says:

        I mean cars are used as they could be in real life. In dense urban enviroment like Paris more than car acceleration and top speed, is important driver’s skill. That’s why he keeps with 535i. And it’s Peugeot 406 De Niro drives. I think trough narrow and dense urban streets, Citroen DS3R or Clio RS could easily keep up with M5.

    • Tom says:

      The product placement is no worse than any other movie. 

      Watch “Hitman”.  Every other freakin’ car is an Audi.

  4. Ssaulsbu says:

    BMW also gave me the opportunity to watch the pre-release on Thursday. I happily obliged. It was a surprisingly incredible movie. Having watched the other three movies years ago, I had forgotten how the series went. No matter, because the 4th could stand its own.

    The entire theater oohed and aahed when the i8 entered the screen. Lots of chattering followed. BMWs reemergence in Hollywood adds yet another factor to their huge marketing campaigns.

    As an enthusiast that has only owned BMW vehicles, I’m happy to see it.

  5. Viren... says:

    Impossible(4):- was a regular Ethan Hunt show, gud bt nt best amng all
    oder parts of it.. Wat d hack was Anil doin in dat side role, i mean
    Shakti Kapoor or Gulshan cld hv done better. lolz… nyway d thing
    which i lyk in d movie was dat Mumbai shw was better dan Slumdog
    Millionaire……. :)))

  6. Giom (iPad) says:

    Just saw it and enjoyed it a lot! I thought the BMWs weren’t overdone, but obvious. I don’t care, tho, not after tons of Audi filled movies. Btw, I thought that was an X3, not an X5…?

  7. Tom says:

    Saw it last Thursday night courtesy of a local BMW dealer, complete with free popcorn and soda.  It was definitely a fast, fun, popcorn movie with all of the typical action one would expect in the MI franchise.  Good supporting cast, especially the BMWs!  The i8 looked awesome and showed very well, although the interactive, head-up navigation that filled the windshield probably isn’t going to make it into production!  A great way to see the movie with other BMW enthusiasts!

  8. Guest says:

    This movie definately didn’t dissapointed.

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