Lexus to launch GS-F model as rival for BMW M5

Rumors | November 23rd, 2011 by 17
Lexus GS 26101111946374001600x1060

Japanese luxury automaker Lexus is planning to launch a competitor for the BMW M5. Built under the GS-F moniker, the high-performance sedan will use a …

Japanese luxury automaker Lexus is planning to launch a competitor for the BMW M5. Built under the GS-F moniker, the high-performance sedan will use a detuned version of the Lexus LF-A model, a 4.6 liter V10 engine with at least 450 horsepower.

Despite the significant power output, the numbers are still pale compared to the new M5 which outputs 550 horsepower and runs to 62 mph in less than 4 seconds with the Launch Control.

Lexus GS-F aims to be a worthy rival for the M5 with both performance and dynamic ability given the driver-focused developments in the all-new GS’s chassis.

Lexus GS 26101111946374001600x1060

The new F10 M5 will launch in the United States next year and it has already received glorious reviews from journalists around the world. The heart of the F10 M5 comes from the engine currently powering the X5M/X6M twins, internally known as the S63. For the first time in an M5, a high-revving 4.4-liter (4395cc) turbocharged V8 finds its way into the engine bay.

The 2012 M5 stands out with its revamped chassis, M-specific suspension (front and rear axle kinematics), M Servotronic steering, Dynamic Damper Control, DSC stability control system including M Dynamic Mode, and of course that wonderful active M rear diff.

The new M5 joins some tough competitors in the super sporty sedan segment. Mercedes-Benz brings to the table the E63 AMG, while Ingolstadt-based Audi throws into the fight the RS6.

[Source: Autocar ]

17 responses to “Lexus to launch GS-F model as rival for BMW M5”

  1. Asim Quraishi says:

    Right! Here we go again…………

  2. Snogger says:

    Psh, V10s are so 2005

  3. Mateo says:

    if lexus make it with V10 revving over 8000 rpm and some 520hp it would be M killer, it might go to 60 i around 0.2 seconds less tahn M5 but who cares, that engine of high rev NA engine and torque delivery would be just amazing. It would be something like spiritual successor to E60 M5

  4. Alex says:

    Soo…ok…how is this a competitor to an M5 again?

  5. Asim Quraishi says:

    The cabin noise of the engine is very different. It sounds like a jet engine being revved as high as possible. I know a lot of us has critisized about the engine noise. The new AMG bi-turbo has an impressive sound, so it definitely disappoints us with this new M5. But lets not get ourselves upset as one should remember that M’s philosophy is not all about engine. Chassis development is prioritised first than any engine development in an M car. It’s the lap times that is important around the track unlike drag times.

    So just cheer up…..!

    • Mateo says:

      it used to be, i still have original text from old bmw site and M philosophy was NA high revving engines that delivers power like turbocharged engines only smoother.

      philosophy shouldn’t be changed. so we can say bmw m doesn’t even have a philosophy :(

      btw. new audi V8 4.0 TT engine sounds sick

      • Asim Quraishi says:

        I see your point. I would still appreciate with what BMW have done with this new one. It’s the green house evironmentalists that have forced manufacturers to focus on fuel efficiency. Hence, everyone is going to some kind of forced induction performance from very small engines and seeking out maximum fuel economy from it.

        We all still adore the n/a high revving engines which is what their philosophy is or has been. Nevertheless I do not think they have disappointed us. It’s just that we have to get used to it that’s all. It’s just like the Nissan Gtr. I really don’t like it but i appreciate for its accomplishments and its excellent engineering achievements. I find that gtr too technical for me to like it.

  6. Mrmaxiz says:

    Haha. I like the word “TO”. Upcoming GS-F with the same power as upcoming M3 is (will never be) an M5 competitor. 

  7. boyracer says:

    The lower front end reminds me of the Predator’s mouth.

  8. Sam Leung says:

    needs >500hp to be competitive. Look at the new S6 – even that has more hp now to keep up with the crowd.

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