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Earlier this month, BMW unveiled the sixth generation 3 Series Sedan. Similar to the new F20 1 Series and for the first time, the new …

Earlier this month, BMW unveiled the sixth generation 3 Series Sedan. Similar to the new F20 1 Series and for the first time, the new 3 Series will be offered with a standard package and M Sport package, as well as three new lines: Sport, Luxury and Modern. These will provide an extensive customization program for customer by offering more upfront options.

Customers can therefore adapt the appearance of their car to their personal lifestyle and preferences – in their own way and with eye-catching results. For the company, these new lines will result in additional savings.

The sixth generation of the 3 Series has grown moderately in size compared to its predecessor, with its wide track (front + 37 mm/1.46 in., rear + 47 mm/1.85 in.) particularly prominent, and the car’s length (+ 93 mm/3.66 in.) and wheelbase (+ 50 mm/1.96 in.) also accentuates its sporting allure. Interior and trunk space have therefore increased.

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The styling of the 2012 BMW 3 Series is an evolution of the previous model. The styling follows the design language seen in the new 5 Series, with concave and convex shapes providing a sporty stance and image.

BMW has also redesigned the interior of the new 3 Series. The future model combines luxury with sportiness and different combinations of interior trim can be seen across the three lines: Sport, Luxury and Modern. The driver-focused cockpit is even more emphasized in the F30 3 Series being angled towards the driver by seven degrees.

To emphasize and showcase the qualities of the new 3 Series, BMW releases a series of videos that gives us a closer look at the interior and exterior design, along with some rolling footage. Let’s have a look.

5 responses to “Video Gallery: New BMW 3 Series”

  1. Tzm says:

    I hopr that it drive as good as it looks :)

    • La Ma says:

      I’m sure it’ll drive great. I’m more worried about the front end and the inside wood panels.
      When will BMW finally drop the ugly plastic-wood from its line-up ? who likes them ? They are so 80’s !
      I don’t see many cars in Europe sold with fake-wood anymore…  only in the US.  its such a faux.

      The front end is a bit weird still, although the M look makes it so much better. 3 things bother me :
      1. the space between the grille and headlight went away, this creates a weird shape on the headlight and also on the grille.
      2. the panel that fills the space between the hood and grille is totally unnecessary.  It is weird looking. they should have molded the hood so it incorporates that panel. It would have been more expensive but only slightly.
      3. the proportions of the bumper/headlight grille and the hood/windshield area are not in balance. The car looks weird from a center front shot. Looks like the lower section is really small the hood/windshield area is large, making the car a bit weird looking. I think this will not be an issue in real life, but on pictures its a bit grotesk.

      the rest looks good. Engine choices are excellent and the car looks fantastic.  Its a shame that so many years BMW dragged the troubles bungle lines. Finally they parted with the bungle ways and their car is so much nicer. Both inside and outside, the new cars are more of a followers of the pre-bungle era then the previous version.
      Its pretty good that BMW realized the mistake and corrected the cars after just 1 generation. BMW created the cars people finally love and can look and be proud. The cars are pretty without explaining them  for hours and the lineup looks like a proper BMW.

      When the new Aston Martin was criticized for a boring similar look, the chairman responded something similar….  I’m not sure what do you (the reporter) mean about a same look as the other models ? This car is an Aston Martin, so it does look like an Aston Martin.  It won’t look like  Kia or Hyundai and thats a good thing.

      I completely agree, a car has to look like it deserves. If we make a BMW look like a Lincoln Continental then what the point paying a premium to buy a BMW ?
      Why is it wrong for the lineup to look similar ? Would you rather have certain cars look great and some look like a dog ?  Just because we stick the roundel to the hood, it could look god aweful and people will still buy it ?  I don’t think so.
      The current lineup sans the 5GT looks like  BMW and they all look great. Lets forget the 5GT that is a blacksheep anyway and hopefully not for long. 3GT plan is scrapped so that mistake will not see daylight.
      Even though the 5GT is still running softly, will be dropped soon. Less then 1/3rd of the already small numbers were sold. Many market offers great incentives to boost the sales. Since the 5 is out and the 3 is  ready, I see no chance for the 5GT to survive the cut by 2013.

  2. Dfgdf says:

    Which dumbass insists on using that god awful color in all of BMW’s new promos?

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