Video Fifth Gear: BMW 535d M Sport vs Jaguar XF Diesel S

5-series | April 16th, 2011 by 10
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A review everyone has been waiting for: the new BMW 5 Series against its counterpart from the Jaguar family, the XF Diesel S. Both cars …

A review everyone has been waiting for: the new BMW 5 Series against its counterpart from the Jaguar family, the XF Diesel S. Both cars are powered by six cylinder diesel engines and turbochargers. Fifth Gear and Vicki takes both of them to the race track.

The BMW 535d is powered by the straight six-cylinder engine featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology producing 245 295hp and 398 lb-ft (600Nm) of torque. BMW 535d has a fuel consumption of 6.1liters per 100km and emitting 162g/km of C02.

BMW claims a 0-62mph time of 5.7 seconds.

The Jaguar XF Diesel S is powered by a 3.0-liter AJ-V6D Gen III diesel engine that delivers 275 hp. The Diesel S accelerates from 0-60mph in just 5.9 seconds, while top speed is limited to 155 mph.

Fifth Gear BMW 535d F10 Jaguar XF Diesel S 655x360Which car is faster? Let’s have a look.

10 responses to “Video Fifth Gear: BMW 535d M Sport vs Jaguar XF Diesel S”

  1. La Ma says:

    Let me just say it once more : The BMW is faster, quicker, more economical, better handling and at the same time CHEAPER ! Why do we need a Jaguar then ?

    Seriously, I did not expect the Jag to be this close. I think this was a close race ! The Jag will be a better buy after 3 years. Market value will drop to about 40% of the new car and it will be considerably cheaper then the BMW. At that point it will be worth having a Jag if you fancy the style.

    • gogu says:

      well, you need a jag, when you want to be more stylish than the many paysans bmw-drivers, or when you want to enjoy driving an aerodynamic feline rather than a box for shoes. personally i own a jag and several times German people came to me telling me that my jag looks amazing…as for the driving experience, you should try both before talking

  2. Guest says:

    Well for starters the Jag is £3000 cheaper than the Beemer which does 42.2mpg vs. Jaguars 42.0mpg, big deal.

    And you could argue that der Funfer has been around and evolving since der E12 in 1972, which is almost 40 years of continuous big budget development by a company that we’ve helped become enormously wealthy, stimulated through ferocious competition from the other German manufacturers, and they’ve been sticking diesels in them since the E28 in 1983. So they’ve got a bit of a head start on Jaguar and absolutely no excuse for not getting it spot on.

    In contrast the XF has been around since March 2008 developed by a loss making, cash strapped company that has changed ownership three times in the last 40 years, didn’t have the funds to launch a new model for a decade, only survived nationalisation within British Leyland and then privatisation through some kind of miracle.

    So, if technically the BMW is fractionally better in some departments, for Jaguar to have produced a car so quickly that comes within a whisker of beating the German dynamically, and £3000 CHEAPER is a huge achievement.

    If you just want a motor focussed on 0 to 60 times, ultimate grip, road holding, etc. and you can put up with colossal road noise and teeth rattling ride, stale interior, then maybe the 5er is the car for you, of course Butler Henderson isn’t paid to mention details like that. If it’s finer engine response and throttle control, supple ride, fluid handling, sensitive steering, sumptuous cabin, quiet refinement, with lower depreciation, the Jag wins. EVO, CAR, Autocar, AutoExpress, etc.etc. all seem to think so; Butler Henderson is out on her own, the only ‘journalist’ who disagrees.

    • Mr. Guest says:

      46 vs. 42 mpg which is a big deal when BMW is even more powerful. And what do you get for your 3000 Pounds? Cheap interior, less options and more plastic. I Dont think its even worth to look at that Jaguar. 530d costs less than this Jag and is somewhere near fast. This is like comparing a Lexus to Toyota but at the same price range.

    • Terrorex says:

      I would take the BMW and never ever the Jag. End of story.
      BMW > Jag

    • XC says:

      “40 years of continous… develpment” that says it all. BMW is a better car, all in all.

    • Giom says:

      Do you think they started developement of the Jag from a clean sheet? You can bet your bottom dollar that they disected a 5 series, E class, A6 and maybe even a GS. Then it’s only a matter of copy and paste. The real winner is the car that is leading this pack… the one that everybody is out to beat… The BMW 5 series!

  3. viper says:

    not bad.
    main rival is audi a6 3.0tdi and maybe Merc E320cdi

  4. Jerry says:

    We won! We won!

  5. I prefer jaguar over BMW, it is better in all aspects than BMW. Even though BMW is cheaper than Jaguar, Jaguar is more stylish and has better look.

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