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“What‟s an extra ten minutes‟ journey time when you can save three litres of fuel? The Green Driving Assistant allows you to select your route …

“What‟s an extra ten minutes‟ journey time when you can save three litres of fuel? The Green Driving Assistant allows you to select your route based on these options before you set out.”

The above quote comes from BMW and it describes in a few words their future Green Driving Assistant feature. With the automotive industry thinking primarily green these days, it comes as no surprise that BMW’s research and development departments are looking at further increasing the efficiency of their cars through different innovative technologies. Green Driving Assistant is embedded into the navigation system and its algorithm serve as an indication to the most fuel efficient navigation route.

The artificial intelligence built into the feature, allows the Green Driving Assistant algorithm to continuously learn the typical fuel consumption and the values can be used each time the driver is planning a new route. Future enhancements to the iDrive navigation system are likely to take advantage of this feature, but BMW has yet to commit to a specific timeframe.

To learn more about the Green Driving Assistant, read the description below, courtesy of BMW.

green driving assistant 2 655x435Among the selection criteria that the current generation of navigation systems gives drivers to help them choose a route is the expected journey time of each option and the distance to the destination. With the Green Driving Assistant, the BMW Group offers drivers a tool that also tells them their fuel consumption over each route and helps them to select one which would burn less fuel.

Quick, short or ECO – route planning with the Green Driving Assistant.

When planning their route ahead of a journey, drivers can compare suggested routes to determine which offers the shortest travelling time or the lowest fuel consumption. To help them decide, the Green Driving Assistant adds expected fuel savings to the familiar criteria of time of arrival and distance making it easy to decide whether a possible saving of fuel makes a slightly longer journey time worthwhile.

“The Green Driving Assistant gives me an objective way of selecting which route I follow and whether I wish to make use of the potential for saving fuel. In this way I can make a conscious decision to take quarter of an hour longer on the “green” route, for example, but save one litre of fuel in the process.” Johannes von Grundherr, Project Manager Green Driving Assistant.

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Tailored to the situation and versatile – journeys with the Green Driving Assistant.

The Green Driving Assistant offers options while driving to ensure that drivers reach their destination even more efficiently and comfortably. The technology informs the driver straightaway if it registers that the vehicle has insufficient fuel in the tank to reach the desired destination with the current driving style and route. The system shows whether, by activating the ECO mode (see Chapter 3.2) or choosing another route, the consumption could be optimized in order to reach the destination without stopping to top up – and enduring the delay that this involves.

If the driver wants to continue with the same driving style, the Filling Station Assistant subfunction of the Green Driving Assistant allows the timing of a refuelling stop to be planned carefully into the route. When choosing which fuel station to stop at, the system takes into account whether the driver prefers a particular fuel company – because he holds a customer loyalty card, for example – or fuel, and how great a detour would be involved. Once the driver has decided on his preferred filling station, it is entered into the navigation system as an intermediate stop and the route calculation is adapted accordingly.


The Green Driving Assistant never stops learning.

A journey or driving profile learned by the navigation system serves as the basis for its calculation of the distance, arrival time and potential fuel savings involved. Here, the BMW Group engineers have developed an algorithm which learns the typical fuel consumption. A learning phase of approx. 500 km is all that is required to produce an adapted, vehicle- and driver-specific value which can be used by the Green Driving Assistant each time the driver is planning a new route.

5 responses to “BMW’s Green Driving Assistant”

  1. Marco B says:

    Green is great and all…but I think that BMW is just putting too much emphasis on green these days…

    We need to get back to the Ultimate Driving Machine! Let me be green in my activities in life but give me a real car!!!

    Green talk is great… can we just keep to the level that it makes sense? Electric, small engines, small cars, less sporty, more ‘mini’ more ‘hybrid’….. C’mon! I want real horsepower, I want a racecar feel, I want it to be amazing! SPORTY!! That’s what BMW was about…. (keyword is ‘was’)

    Somehow I think we’re going to end up with a ‘bmw’ Prius.

    • Mauro Corti says:

      Man you’re forgetting how much does petrol cost today, how much it will cost in the future, cause it will just raise year after year, you’re forgetting about the enviromental problem cars and bad energy choice are causing to our planet.

      I don’t give a damn about you wanting 400bhp in a car when to do this my nephew will have to live in a dying planet with enormous climate changes.

      Plus you can have fun with an electric car, because it can have an incredible power, it’s just a matter of batteries; let scientists do their job and you’ll have power+green car: look at bmw efficient dynamics concept, 350bhp with 2 electric engine plus a 1.5 diesel one, i say that thing could be amazing to drive.

      There’s a lot of ignorance about electric engines in the world, someone think it’s like a gay-car, nothing could be more stupid, but it’s normal, everyone hates changes, new and different things.

  2. Jackson says:

    I agree. Straight shooter you are.

    The Ultimate Driving Machine over ‘joy’… !

  3. Marco B says:

    True, but until the day gov’t gets its head out of its ass and puts buses and taxis on electric (they make up most of traffic these days), nothing’s gonna change.

    And yes, I want another 400+ hp car and what young guy in his 30’s wouldn’t? It makes up of what… 1% of all cars?

    Take care of all the buses and taxis I see all around me on the road first if you really want to make a difference.

    Ele cars… heheheh… it’s still a joke. Batteries = green? You kidding right? Those go straight out into the garbage after a few years and

    1. the making of batteries = not green at all
    2. the disposal of batteries = not green at all.

    Nothing about batteries is green. Read up on it first.

    Long live the V8! or the V6 or… damnit…. the 110v? :)

    • JakeM says:

      “1. the making of batteries = not green at all
      2. the disposal of batteries = not green at all.

      Nothing about batteries is green. Read up on it first.”

      Nothing about producing A CAR, ANY CAR, is green, to. Do you even realize the energy needed to produce a car and the components for it? Not just the actual production of the car uses energy and creates pollution, but also the production of the raw materials and the delivery to the factory – that’s all energy/pollution.

      A car can be extremely fuel efficient but that doesn’t make it “green”, since its very production meant energy was expended and pollution generated. Thus, there is really no such thing as a “green car”.

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