BMWBLOG Exclusive Photos: 1M Coupe Underbody Exposed!

1M | August 29th, 2010 by 26

Today BMWBLOG brings you exclusive photos of what lies beneath the 1M Coupe’s bright Valencia Metallic Orange paint. Our photos show the expected forged aluminum …

Today BMWBLOG brings you exclusive photos of what lies beneath the 1M Coupe’s bright Valencia Metallic Orange paint.

Our photos show the expected forged aluminum suspension components, beautiful quad exhaust system, limited slip rear differential (with heat dissipating vanes), underbody aero, heat shielding, etc.

The new 1M Coupe’s track is said to be much wider than that of the 135i, already a wide car relative to its width. In fact, we believe the new 1M Coupe’s track may be as wide or even wider than found on the current M3 Coupe.

Details around the powertrain remain a mystery and BMW is not ready at the moment to make an official statement. We at BMWBLOG believe that it is based on the N54 twin-turbo engine and was further developed by the M Division. Power is rumored to be at least 345hp produced with the help of a large, upgraded intercooler. Weight is rumored at 1,500 kg, but our fingers are crossed it will shave a few pounds more. Even though not confirmed through an official statement, our sources indicated that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe will be equipped only with a 6-speed manual transmission.

BMWBLOG Exclusive Photos: 1M Coupe Underbody Exposed!

Stay tuned to BMWBLOG for the latest breaking 1M Coupe news and photos as we get closer to the release date.

  • Tom L.

    Saw underbody pics on already last night but thanks for posting.

  • Unknown

    Wow, 6 speed manual only? well i guess i will have to forget it man…. no DCT but Manual. Congratulations BMW, in terms of units sold, this car is gonna be crap

    • Daniel Hoang

      The 1M is built for all sports enthusiast looking for a superb handling buget sports car rather than an average driver on the street. With a Manual, you have more control over the engine as and its lighter than an auto. Theres nothing wrong with a manual car.

      • wazon8

        Getting to be more and more oldschool. This car is growing on me all the time. Manual is perfect choice.

    • Alvin Wong

      Why don’t you just man up and learn how to drive manual?

      This car is designed for the enthusiast in mind, not your average soccer mom. The six speed manual is a perfect choice.

  • viper

    someone is getting a hard on on these pics…sick.truly sick stuff. u people r sick

  • Laszlo

    there will be a DCT transmission for sure.

    • 1Mc

      Officially they’ve said no to a DCT on release. Listen to Dr. Segler’s interview at the event.

      Maybe a DCT will come in the 2014 1M (second gen). Things can change granted, but manual only is the official position on release for this car in 2011.

    • Unknown

      I really hope so, BMW should know that we need to move forward not backward…

      • BIMMER1

        Hey Unknown, if you’ve actually spent time in older BMW’s as well as newer ones you would realize you’re off the mark here. Most people that are truely performance minded would rather have a manual over the DCT, even if it is a tick slower. The reason is b/c a DCT car is mundane and boring to drive after two weeks of ownership. The manual never gets boring. Performance minded people want to actually drive the car, not just steer it. So for most of us, a step backward is a welcome sight in a time where BMW has been getting soft on us.

  • Mark

    I still think this car needs a naturally aspirated engine pumping out the same power, but everything else is starting to grow on me. Suspension, aerodynamics, etc., looks like the M division really did get a chance to play with this one. Only reason I wouldn’t buy is the engine. Shame.

    • 1Mc

      Not going to happen Mark – EU regulations have set the framework. The future is FI; I’m personally not going to waste any more time whining about it. Even the beloved V8 M3 will see a FI engine in it’s next iteration. Just enjoy the best of the FI cars that are going to be produced from now on and have satisfaction in the knowledge that you have at least some consideration for planet ^^

      • Daniel Hoang

        It is actually Possible to have a NA engine with 300+ hp and still make great fuel economy. The Infiniti makes 330hp on its V6 while making 26MPG. The Camaro V6 makes 312hp with 29mph and the new Mustang V6 makes 306hp with 31MPG. With some enigine and exhaust modifications, it can easily reach 350hp with maybe 1 or 2 MPG loss.

        • 1Mc

          Impressive, but I wonder what the fuel emissions are on those V6’s though

          • Daniel Hoang

            Compare the Turbo 335i to the new NA Ford V6. The BMW makes 8.5 tons per year and the Ford with 8.1 Tons.

      • Daniel Hoang

        Also dont forget about the Infiniti M56 NA V8 with 420hp and Fords 5.0L V8 with 412hp+. Both cars get 26 MPG. All BMW needs to do is improve on these new techonology used on these engine and incorporate them into there own engines. If they do so, next Generation cars can get a NA 300+ I6 and 400+ V8 with 30+ MPG on both engines.

  • Eric

    really want DCT it’s faster and better for commuting in heavy traffic

    • Daniel Hoang

      You can get a Dinan S3 135i DCT at your dealership for reletivly less than the 1M. 398hp is a great for 8 grand more than the MSRP.

    • L1ndja

      WTF are you talking about. That six-speed manual is the best part of this car.
      What the fuck happened to drivers called enthusiasts.

  • Wooo hoo.

    They went the way of the DO DO.

    Brand image/recognition has nothing to do with “enthusiasts”

    Save up a few bucks more and get an M3, no one’s going to care about an entry level wannabe M-car

    • 1Mc

      The 1M is closer to the previous E46 M3. That’s why everyone’s hyped about this car. That’s why it’s an enthusiast’s car – people are getting a lighter M car that they’ve been missing. It’s a dream, and according to Segler’s interview it’s going to be a trend – more focus on losing weight. You could put money on the second gen 1M in 2014 to be even lighter, my guess is a hopeful, 1300 – 1350kg, with a little more power, maybe 370bhp?

      We all love the E90 M3, but there’s a number of bimmer fans who want to go back to the E46 days of glory. One’s not better than the other, just different.

      This car won’t be cheap either, the current talk is marketing hype for – buy me, you can afford me, but most people can’t afford a £40k + car on a whim ($50k + US). Nearly new E90’s are less expensive than a new 1M, so talk about affordability to a nonsense really when the second hand car market exists.

      • BIMMER1

        I’m with you on principle, but I wouldn’t refer to the e46 as “light” and “the glory days” anymore or the BMW faithful is going to be all over you. I would refer to the glory days as the e30 M3, maybe the e36 but that’s still a stretch. Def not the e46 though. Until the e90/92 came out everyone complained that the e46 was an overweight pig…and it was for the most part.

  • Wooo hoo.


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    • BIMMER1

      I think it’s probably safe to say the the 1M just has e92 m3 control arms/bushings, and rear axle/diff. They bolt right on to any 1 series, at least the 128/135.

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