2011 BMW X3 Exterior Design explained by Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design

BMW X3 | July 24th, 2010 by 21
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Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design at BMW, explains in the following video the design of the new 2011 BMW X3. One of the most …

Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design at BMW, explains in the following video the design of the new 2011 BMW X3. One of the most passionate designers at BMW, Warming takes the time to outline the characteristics of this new X3 and also, to emphasize some of its design cues.

In its second iteration, the 2011 BMW X3 has been redesigned from the ground up. The F25 X3 went through an extensive exterior redesign, aligning the new X3 with the recent designs seen in some of the BMW models. While maintaining the “boxy” look, the 2011 X3 is a half-inch taller, 3.4 inches longer and 1.1 inches wider than the current model.

The design features flared wheel arches and more aggressive design cues. The dynamic side creases around the fenders turn the new X3 into a distinctive model. At the front-end, the corona-ring running lights flanking the twin-kidney grille, and underlined by a fairly sporty bumper, complete the unique look of this X3.

Let’s have a look.

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21 responses to “2011 BMW X3 Exterior Design explained by Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design”

  1. Laszlo says:

    Explaining the exterior ? It all started when bungle took over and started cranking crap out. No need to explain an exterior if that is nice, only when its crap and you want to tell people what to look and what to expect.
    For example Ferrari never explains their cars exterior, they let the car speak for itself.

    too bad that when finally the designs are getting back to the pre-bangle stage they allowed an another ugly duckling to born. The X3 could have been a really nice looking crossover. BMW created the crossover market with the original X5 and they could have aced the small crossover market with the X3 had they make it more like the X5/X6 not more like the ugly X1.

    • Shincai says:

      Neither the X1 and neither this new X3 are ugly.
      (my opinion)
      I’m sure some people (lots of people) will like it and buy it.

      • FreudeKing says:

        Well, I think the X1 is ugly! The X3 is OK, but could have been so much better. Yes people will buy it, probably for other reasons than looks, because this car is far from attractive.

    • wazon8 says:

      Man, you announce disaster in BMW and you do it basing on your own taste. Could it become to your mind that people have different tastes? I like X1’s design and guess that X3 will look much better when seen in real world circumstances.

  2. FreudeKing says:

    Is that guy crazy, what sculptured bonnet? It looks pretty flat to me, only one of two lines. In fact the whole fron is out of proportion and style wit hthe rest of the car. Look how boxy the fron looks.

    That curving shoulder line is just wierd. Where else do we see that line? The ugly X1?

    I give this car 6/10 for exterior design.

    • M5POWER says:

      Is that guy crazy or you?

      It doesn’t look pretty flat to me… Eventhough the front is a bit boxy, still not as boxy as what Mercedes are doing to their cars nowadays. Plus, I think the curving shoulder line is beautiful. Unique in my opinion…

      I won’t rate until I see the real one. Once again, please not to make any real statement of a car by just looking into the pictures and videos (looks silly in my opinion). Don’t regret when it looks good in real life, naked eye. Thank you.

      • Laszlo says:

        I have seen in it up close. it does not pretty. Not as bad as the X1 but as I said – it could have been a really nice one, like the X6 but BMW for some reason changed it enough to dumb it down. I do like the X6’s look and the X5 also looks good.

        • M5POWER says:

          Owkey everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion so if that’s so your opinion then I have to respect yours. Honestly, every single car design in this world could a really nice one instead of what they have produced not just the X3 (eventhough I have the same thought it can be bettered).

          I really do like the BMW X6/X5 design but then when the X3 also follows the X6 design cues then the new question will come up as ”Why all the X cars looks the same and bla bla bla…” and I don’t want that to happen. As I have said before, there is a reason why they design the car like this. Probably for tough off-road usage? But believe me, this car still sell just like how ugly its predecessor was (I admit the old one was really ugly)…

          • FreudeKing says:

            That still does not justify the intention of making a car look uglier so that it is not as nice as the X6. This show to me that BMW is not able to make unique good looking cars for each different segment.

    • Jag says:

      I remember that you rated the new X3 with M-Sport package 5/10, and you keep telling that the sport package looks much better than the standard version.
      Seem that it’s growing on you, huh? Quite fast!

  3. Ruslan-Kz says:

    Laszlo absolutely right when said “car speaks for itself”. But ugly front part of X3 (and X1 too) looks like hamster and can’t say for itself. So stupid designer wants to explain his freak creation.

  4. Tima says:

    Really X3 looks like hamster. Boxy GLK rules!

  5. leon says:

    in my opinion new x3 is a very good car till old x3..

  6. samy truro says:

    the front overhang on the X1just kills its proportions as a cross over. looks more like a estate. so whats the point.to compete with or replace the 3 series estate?its functionally a good car (test driven) but ugly is ugly no explanation period. Beauty is about ratios, if your nose is sticking out too long u are out of the contest for sure.

  7. Zdenek Brlica says:

    Why is there difference in horse power of diesel 6 cilinder engine ?
    Europe 245 HP, USA 258 HP ??

  8. Goktey says:

    Another new Hyundai ??

  9. Goktey says:

    Come on BMW where did your sleek and ageless design go ? You can do much better than this new X3 design. Give us more BMW look. Don’t follow some cheap car design.

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