BMW Dynamic Car Identity reimagines Roundel

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Another day and a new Youtube video around the BMW brand. This time, a company called Zafira Consulting & Trading has posted a proposal on …

Another day and a new Youtube video around the BMW brand. This time, a company called Zafira Consulting & Trading has posted a proposal on YouTube for a dynamic re-envisioning of BMW’s roundel logo.

The videos shows us a current and a possible future state of the now famous Roundel, the iconic brand element that is highly recognizable by consumers.

In this futuristic approach, the Roundel moves from a static stage to a more dynamic one, somewhat representing the brand’s recent developments in exploring new niches and expanding their portfolio.

A neat and somewhat high-tech logo that represents evolution.


[Source: Autoblog ]

28 responses to “BMW Dynamic Car Identity reimagines Roundel”

  1. zoom335is says:

    Its a cool concept but I don’t like that fact that is spins, it would be nice if it just lit up and you have the option of turning the spin on or off. The fact that it spins puts an emphasis on the false fact that the BMW logo consists of the movement of an airplane propeller from BMW’s airplane engine days. The logo is simply four diamonds from the Bavarian flag, nothing more nothing less.

    In this age where we enjoy lighting up our cars with aftermarket LED kits as well as out of factory lighting like ambient cabin lights and LED lights in the shark fin antenna, this would be a cool and eye-catching move for BMW, I don’t know of any other car company with an illuminated emblem unless its aftermarket.

    Do it BMW do it!!!!

  2. How about no? The current one is perfect.

  3. Andrew says:

    Literally the worst idea I’ve seen for a BMW in a few years.

  4. XC says:

    Glowing roundel, why not… spinning roundel, naa.

  5. retio says:

    Its not a bad concept. I actually like it. But lets be honest, nothing will EVEr beat the current one like Luis said.

    • Doug says:

      and it will surely inspire many more glowy OLED ways to personalize your vehicle. I mean, do we have to look forward to glowing spinners?

  6. Simon Bobik says:

    well clearly the people who made this are still under the impression that the bmw symbol is a plane’s wings spinning in the sky.. where it’s actually the colours and pattern of the bavarian automaker’s national flag.
    I think if it was just illuminated at times, much like the raising mural for the rolls royce would be a very nice and elegant touch

  7. Simon Bobik says:

    plane’s properllor *******

  8. Chanter says:

    Neat idea, I don’t it’s so much a question of conveying propeller spinining as a wheel turning. Which in turn conveys dynamicism.

    • Yea I agree, I think its a bit of both, I just mentioned the propeller because most people would assume that. But in any case I think the logo should spin clockwise and not counter :P

  9. JoeDoe says:

    @ Simon Bobik: The logo stems from both the plane propellor and the bavarian flag. Go to the BMW museum, it is all explained there.

    I don’t like the idea of a spinning logo though, it makes it less iconic and too much disco.

    Also it’s kind of funny that they talk about future and then use an old Z4 to put the logo on.

  10. Vaybach Khan says:

    i like the idea to change and improve the current logo,but the chrome part is too wide,and my idea is to put the light beneath the chrome part and by wish you can turn off and on,and it will illuminate the now more round logo and that will make illusion like the whole logo is lighted,or light could be beneath the logo…a lot of ways and ideas …maybe its kitsch but it would be cool on gran coupe or some models like that..either way lighted or not,theres a lot of space to improve current logo…

    • I don’t know..I think the wider chrome part looks nice….since the logo has never had a wide chrome part. I agree that the current logo could be improved upon, its been what 30-40 years BMW has been using the current logo. I think the proportions should change again and the font of the text should change.

  11. max says:

    why is it spinning (and backwards) ?
    and it`s ugly.

  12. Doug says:

    “The future comes to those with courage” is leaving a few scenarios out, I think. The canyon under the cliff comes to those with courage, too, and… that’s a hard lesson.

    Also, this whole concept of “dynamic identity” denotes a profound misunderstanding of what “identity” means, unless they’re referring to an identity of dynamic-ness… (??)

    • ChoCho says:

      Why is this a misunderstanding? The spinning is suppose to convey dynamicism. Use your head, assuming you have one.

      • Doug says:

        Because “identity” is inherently a fixed thing – cognitively, mathematically, philosophically, etc. The assertions they’re making – taken literally – are conceptually unsound.

        As I was saying, identity *could* be something that is changing (or animated, in this case). But it adds very little more than the temporary attention it gets for being new and interesting, after which people will disregard it (perhaps as tacky), and you’ve just done damage to your brand identity by being both tacky and inconsistent.

  13. ChoCho says:

    Typical idiots here with their comments. So maybe spining it counter-clockwise isn’t such a great idea, but this idea deserves serious thougt rather then the casual dismissal we see in the comments. And Michael Semer, do you think posting twice makes your comment better? Give me break. You think you can design a better logo or come up with a better idea? Nope. So maybe you should shut up for change.

    • Doug says:

      I don’t think calling people “idiots” or telling them to “shut up” is a very intelligent way to make a case for this, especially to people who ARE using their heads. And yes, I think most people here can come up with a better idea than a cell phone screen saver for their car’s badge. The whole idea of a active video or rotating glowing badge is a tasteless appeal for attention.

    • XC says:

      chocho is such a clever and elegant man… in his planet. I’m always amused how these guys come here with their repressed anger and frustrations and post claptrap. Sigh.

  14. Mark says:

    Lol… awful concept. What does it signify? It doesn’t identify with the brand. What’s the point?

    This is something you’d expect to see on Honda Civics and Nissan 240SX’s. Pure rice.

  15. ivo says:

    It’s as ugly as the new bmw styling, so keep it up, you’ll keep on loosing customers, the new bmw’s look ricer as they are, add up to that the spinning logo and it’s Hyundai here I come….

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