Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

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Yesterday morning at the Beijing Motor Show, BMW has unveiled a four door coupe concept. Dubbed BMW Gran Coupe, the new concept from BMW is …

Yesterday morning at the Beijing Motor Show, BMW has unveiled a four door coupe concept. Dubbed BMW Gran Coupe, the new concept from BMW is built on the ‘backbone’ platform that underpins the current 5-series, 7-series and 5 GT. Design wise, despite having an unique look, the BMW Gran Coupe takes some design cues from the now defunct CS Concept, the beautiful four door sporty car that was unveiled in 2008 at another Chinese motor show, Shanghai Auto Show, and canceled two years later when BMW decided to pursue their EfficientDynamics plans.

The Gran Coupe has been designed to combine the abilities of a GT and a sports car. The roof is 100mm lower than the 7 Series models, and its rear quarters slightly more restricted. The concept carries the essence of brand values and the genes of BMW design into the future and the expectations are that these styling cues will turn up all over BMW range in the next few years. The sleek Gran Coupe retain iconic elements like the kidney-grille, Hofmeister kink and a less pronounced shark nose.

Built on the new 7 Series platform (F01/F02), the now canceled CS Concept was unveiled for the first time in 2008. The CS Concept has an unique expression of classic notchback design highly individualized and varying according to your angle of vision. The front-end design is one of the most powerful elements in the CS Concept, the BMW kidney grille stands out as a powerful element typical of the BMW brand and due to the larger than usual size, it is the dominating element of the entire front-end.

Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

If the front-end is quite distinct in the two concepts, the rear-end is where similarities began to appear. While the taillights are not identical, the overall shape and wrapping around the trunk are two common elements hard to ignore. Also, the Gran Coupe’s trunk lid appears to be a derivation from the design seen on the CS. The dual trapezoidal exhaust tips are very similar as well.

From the rear quarter view, the common design elements are even more obvious. Both cars sport long overhangs, concave and convex surfaces, a coupe roofline and frameless windows.

Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

Back in 2008, CS Concept seemed a far more adventurous car, an extravagant and unique design, and it has been till this date our favorite concept. On the other hand, while the Gran Coupe follows the same steps, the overall design is more mature and very much so ready for production. If our sources are correct, the car already carries an internal codename and a production model is certainly in the pipeline.

Hopefully this time around BMW will give us a flagship, not only a car that will retain and satisfy its core enthusiasts, but also one that will certainly bring new customers to the brand.

Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

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  • michael

    thank you for this!
    it’s interesting to see how close the two concepts actually are.

  • Jacob SEALS

    The future of luxury vehicles is 4 door coupes, how depressing

  • Shawn

    My vote stays with the CS. Stronger, bolder lines and a little less busy at the front end.

    • Alex

      yep, you’re right

  • yılmaz

    i love it…but backlamps very big and its break down totality… new bangle butt baggage line not looks good

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  • n8n

    Both are beautiful, but I love much more Gran Coupe than CS :))

  • Doug

    This post was a good idea…. you can see

    Although they appear similiar, and have a lot of the same cars, they’re really very different cars. The lines are cleaned up and are more symmetrical and flowing, and in some ways more attractive…. but the unique character has been lost in favor of generic and commonplace design conventions. This is especially evident in the nose and the handling of the headlights. What made the CS design work was inadvertently removed through this refinement process.

    • Doug

      uhhh disregard my incomplete sentence.

  • Hamilton

    This Gran “Coupe” looks like a friggin sedan… the line in the CS concept looks more sharper than the GC.

  • viper

    GC looks better

    • King

      These idiots dont know a good thing when the’ve got it. The GC looks lightyears better than the CS. The GC is a BMW done right.

      • viper

        yeah…take a look at new citroen 5,3meters , the design is crazy and the best looking car ever.I think they will build it , french got balls

        • phil

          They have balls, but they sometimes smell and eat weird shit…. Na I don’t like French cars.

  • Billy

    GC= stronger looking, more refined surfaces
    CS= weak looking surfaces, with an agressive-looking headlight to make up for that

    Not that I don’t respect the CS.. it’s just that it really does look like a work in progress especially compared to the GC.

    BTW, bmwblog should do a comparison of the 6 series coupe renderings/spyshots with the GC, as it has been confirmed that it is going to be marketed as the 6 series gran coupe.

    • King

      Everything about the GC is Greater Concept LOL And the CS is weak there for they Cant Save it.

  • Jordan

    the shapes and dimensions of the CS are perfect and you can tell they didn’t really change any of that with the GC.

    Like many said, the CS looks like a work in progress, especially the front, which looks no where near production. The GC I think took the CS and basically refined the whole design and made it into a car that I can see BMW rolling off the production line. really, the only thing would be the door handles.. I think they will change them a bit.

    the GC looks absolutely fantastic!! that rear end that I wasn’t really fond of at first is starting to grow on me. the rear was the only part that didn’t agree with me at first.

  • XC

    The Gran Coupé looks exactly as a production ready evolution of the CS Concept, so at the end they didn’t cancell the CS project for good… they just waited.

    • King

      I think you’re correct they waited till they got it right.

  • Tom

    very similar. Grand Coupe looks better IMO.
    i hate the headlights of the CS, they look so fake.
    pat on the back BMW for this beautiful GC
    not lets see it happen!

  • wazon8

    Font end is better in BMW GC in terms of style and development. As some of you have pointed out, the front of CS looks a bit like a work in progress. On the other hand, there is something I really liked in CS’ front – its shark look like is so clear here. Rear ends are really similar in both cars. CS has a bit better roof line, I mean it looks more coupe like since it falls down to the boot lid few cm closer to the rear end of it than in GC. And I believe that the shape of GC’s front end was styling in awarness of modern pedestrian protection requirments, whereas CS’ front end deosn’t look this way. If I am right here, this car seems to be seriously considered as production car by BMW’s managment.

  • billmilo

    The grille on the CS concept if ghastly. It seems as if the future BMW’s won’t have a front end, but just two BIG grills. I hate both designs, but I hate the CS more.

  • Ray Satina

    CS, hands down is better in design. More aggressive and stunning. Sorry for the designer who now migrated to MB AMG since BMW decided to bypass his CS design.

  • Ralph

    we need the real photos of the two to compare them

  • Stephen. Y

    The BMW GC is definitely a beautiful car, I believe it beats the CS though as the styling seems more practical and has a more commercial style of beauty. Also it has a more reined and finished look about it, unlike the CS which still looks like it is in the designing stages, the GC looks finished and ready to hit the market. As I stated before the GC I believe has better styling’s and is the one that I would go for. Still I admire both these concepts and claim them both to be equally beautiful in their own rights.

  • phil

    I prefer the GC but I am getting rather tired of the dated looking kidney grills. The grills and more pronounced front on the CS is much better!

  • Alan

    if I were BMW I would make the gran coupe the way it is now and change the 6series look for the CS . agree ?

    • phil


  • Alan

    the CS looks better in every angle except for the front , it is ugly when you look at the front straight it is very simple just the usual grills and two lights …

  • A4q96

    CS is the better looking design overall. The roofline and arch over the rear wheel is much more aggressive and better looking than the more generic GC. On the other hand, I do prefer the GC’s front end. I’m surprised at how many people like the GC. Maybe it bodes well for when BMW launches it.

    That said, for sure, the GC and CS leave behind the awful styling of the previous 5 and 7. The new 5 and 7 are so much better looking, and the GC fits right in, even if it is a bit conservative.

  • lubo

    both look great !

  • JuJu

    anyone noticed how much Maseratti is in the CS model?

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