BMW Concept Gran Coupe

BMW Concept Gran Coupé BMW Welt 011 750x500

Real Life Photos: BMW Concept Gran Coupe

Last week, BMW announced that their latest concept unveiled at Beijing Motor Show, the Gran Coupe, is available on the showroom floor at the BMW Welt in Munich. The BMW Concept Gran Coupe embodies high-quality…

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe greenlighted for production

Sources close to BMW has informed us that the rumored and somewhat expected BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe has received a greenlight for production. Details are still unveiling and at the moment, we have no…

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Behind the design of the BMW Gran Coupe

As with any new models or concepts, weeks after the official unveiling, BMW releases some behind the scenes photos of the BMW Gran Coupe Concept. Unveiled last month at the Beijing Motor Show, the BMW…

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Photo Comparison: BMW Gran Coupe vs. BMW CS Concept

Yesterday morning at the Beijing Motor Show, BMW has unveiled a four door coupe concept. Dubbed BMW Gran Coupe, the new concept from BMW is built on the ‘backbone’ platform that underpins the current 5-series,…

The BMW Gran Coupe Concept