Photo Comparison: F11 BMW 5 Series Touring, Audi A6 Avant and Mercedes E-Class Estate

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BMW 5er Touring F11 Audi A6 Avant Mercedes E Klasse T Modell Seite1 750x500

The new 2011 F11 BMW 5 Series Touring was unveiled yesterday and as always, our first thought is to compare the car against its competitors. …

BMW 5er Touring F11 Audi A6 Avant Mercedes E Klasse T Modell Seite 655x726

The new 2011 F11 BMW 5 Series Touring was unveiled yesterday and as always, our first thought is to compare the car against its competitors. The 5er Touring has always been competing for the same segment with Audi’s A6 Avant and the E-Class Estate from Mercedes-Benz. Since comparison test drives have yet to be completed, we will focus today on the technical points and overall interior and exterior design.

The BMW offers with 2.97 meters, by far the longest wheelbase in its segment and, consequently, the shortest overhangs, which contributes much to its dynamic side view. All the competitors are within 7 centimeters in exterior length, with the new 5er Touring situated between the A6 Avant and the E-Class Estate.

With a luggage capacity of 560, respectively 565 liters, BMW 5 Series Touring and Audi A6 Avant are practically on a par; the Mercedes E-Class is in another league with its 695 liters. With the rear-seats folded down, the Audi A6 Avant offers 1,600 liters, short of the 1,670 liters from the 5 Touring and significantly less than the E-Class Estate, 1,950 liters.

BMW 5er Touring F11 Audi A6 Avant Mercedes E Klasse T Modell Front schraeg1 655x126

The exterior design can be quite subjective and each one of the above listed cars have their own strengths and fans, so we will refrain at this time from drawing a conclusion.

But let’s focus on the technical points where numbers don’t lie. All three sport wagons come equippied with four cylinder diesel engines. While the Ingolstadt and Stuttgart based automakers offer 136 hp from its entry-level diesel offerings, BMW responds with a 184 horsepower from its 520d model.

The 136 horsepower Audi A6 2.0 TDIe consumes 5.3 liters of diesel, this comes down to 25.7 hp per liter fuel consumption. The 136 hp Mercedes E 200 CDI BlueEfficiency has fuel consumption per 100km of 5.8 to 6.0 liters, thus exceeding 23.4 hp per liter.


On a different note, we feel more comfortable placing the BMW 520d Touring against the Mercedes E 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and the Audi A6 2.0 TDI with 170 hp. Both automakers provide for these models a fuel consumption of 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers, around 0.8 liters or 16 percent higher than the 5.0 liters recorded by the 520d Touring which also has a power increase of 14 hp.

2011 BMW 520d Touring runs from 0 to 100km/h in 8.3 seconds. E220 CDI reaches the same speed in 9.2 seconds, slightly faster than the A6 2.0 TDI Avant at 9.3 seconds.

Even with the larger six cylinder diesel engines outputting 240 horsepower, the BMW offers the best fuel consumption.

The entry-level petrol model, BMW  523i outputs 200 horsepower and records a fuel consumption number of only 7.9 liters/100km, slightly ahead of the almost equally powerful Mercedes E250 CGI and its 8.0 liters/100km. The distinction between the two models comes at the number of cylinders they offer, B MW uses a six-cylinder engine, while Mercedes responds with a four-cylinder powerplant.

Audi jumps in with the A6 2.8 FSI, a V6 model and front-wheel drive. It comes with 190 hp and an average fuel consumption of 8.3 liters. Replacing the FWD with the Quattro system, adds another 0.4 liter/100km to the fuel consumption value.


If you want even more power, the choices continue to be impressive: BMW 535i Touring, Audi A6 3.0 TFSI or the Mercedes E 350 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY. The BMW and its turbocharged six-cylinder 3.0 liter engine makes 306 hp, while the competitors are each just over 290 hp mark.

The two rear-wheel drive models from Munich and Stuttgart are with about 8.5 liters in the standard consumption, ahead of the Allroads from Ingolstadt, suffering from the higher friction losses in its drivetrain, and lands at an average fuel consumption of 9.5 liters.

With the new 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring, BMW confirms one more time its position as a pioneer in the fuel efficiency field. For those consumers looking for more cabin and storage space, Mercedes-Benz has well positioned their E-Class Estate models. If you value the all-wheel drive system, Audi currently offers it in their A6 Avant models.

In a few months, BMW’s xDrive system will come to market as well.

No pricing has been revealed for the new F11 5 Series Touring, so we will hold off the value comparison until we have some hardcoded numbers.


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40 responses to “Photo Comparison: F11 BMW 5 Series Touring, Audi A6 Avant and Mercedes E-Class Estate”

  1. BMWM6 says:

    The l.e.d. fog lights on the mercedes look very cheap

    Its as if I have seen them at my local store for those ricers

  2. Jordan says:

    Overall I like the BMW by far.

    The Audi seems overall like the Lexus of the Germans for exterior design. The interior is nice, #2 out of the bunch, but I really love the BMW interior! Past BMW interiors have not been that great, but this one is. The top dash of the Mercedes looks like the quality from a Chevy Cobalt!… it looks very bad!

    Looking at the rear left corner shot of the vehicles…. the BMW really stands out as sporty with it’s hunkered down stance and the character line running along the side is quite distinguished. Of all the mid character lines I’ve seen on vehicles, BMW takes the top spot. Also this photo shows the Mercedes at an unflattering angle… its looks mimic that of a funeral hearse! I do, however, really like the new front on the Benz… I think it looks good on the sedan and coupe as well. I don’t really think the LED fogs on the Benz look cheap…

    BMW FTW!

  3. LMendez says:

    Well, the A6 is older than the BMW (which for me, is the best one atm) but one thing is for certain:

    The Mercedes looks horrible.

  4. Lima says:

    1. BMW
    2. Audi
    3. daylight
    4. Benz

  5. Giom says:

    Am I the only Beemer fan here that thinks the Merc is looking good? I’d way have it before the Audi.

    But, none of these for me thank you, 5 GT all the way!

    • Jordan says:

      I do like the Merc… it’s quite good from the front. It’s just that rear 3/4 view makes it look like a hearse… but that’s prob where they got all their cargo room from! :P

      i’d definitely take the new E sedan or coupe over the A6 tho

  6. wazon8 says:

    5-er touring looks much more modern than its rival. E-class is horrible – it’s hard to believe that they make such poor car in terms of design. Its back reminds me mazda 626 touring produced in 90-ties: . E-class design doesn’t embody any kind of dynamics and all car looks just old. A6 avant is much better than E-class, but still one can see that a gap between its and 5-er’s design. Of course, A6 is the oldest construction here, but I bet that the next generation A6 will look similar to the present.

  7. plaxico says:

    who would give that kind of money for wagon… is beyond me
    …..but bmw5 is the ugliest by far

    • Elgee says:

      You know people give that kind of money for square, thirsty, fat and lazy SUVs, so why not spending it on a very luxurious, very comfortable, very practical, very efficient and good looking wagon!!!
      It’s just a matter of taste but the 5er Touring is the most beautiful of the three, the interior is magnificient, a big step was made for the dashboard layout.

      • plaxico says:

        isnt 5GT better option than…..

      • Daniel H. says:

        Europeans an your Station Wagons, why not get a minivan if you want space, practicality,comfort, and low Fuel consumption.

        • L1ndja says:

          Yes? and have a time of 20 sec from 0-100?and 12L/Km.
          Why not have a Station Wagon if you need the space and practicality and performance but don’t need the Huge space of a Van nor the bad fuel economy or low performance.

    • wazon8 says:

      Why not take 5GT over 5-er Touring?
      1. If you tell to average European customer who is interested in 520d Touring that 5GT is option for him, she would take you as irrational agent. Most of engines that BMW sells in Europe are not above 2,5 litre, so since 5GT starts with 3,0 litre diesel, it’s out of interest of many European customers, whereas 520d Touring is very apt for them.
      2. there will be around 25.000 euro price difference between 520d and 530d GT.
      3. Touring has a much more functional and perhaps bigger (more capable) trunk than 5GT.
      4. 5-er Touring will drive better than 5GT and any SUV – actually, it’s very close to 5-er sedan. What you get is family car with great driving characteristic.

      • Jordan says:

        it all depends… in Canada the 5GT with the 4.4L twin turbo is actually cheaper than the 550i sedan, in the US the 5GT is slightly more than the 550i. Overall they’re right about the same price and it’s only fair to compare them because of the engine size.

        when the 535i GT comes out i’m sure it will be similarly priced to the 535i sedan. and if they ever make a 520d GT or a 530d GT im also sure it’d be similarly priced.

        the 5GT is quite fairly priced. Everyone tries to compare it to the cheapest 5 series like a 520i or something and say that the 5GT is so expensive!

  8. Theo says:

    Well, the E61 is still ahead in this market segment so I am confident that the F11 will enlarge the gap. Of course assuming that you prefer a dynamic station wagon over a purely functional one that is…

  9. viper says:

    I have to say …bmw 5 wagon looks better than sedan , the rear and side look much all comes down to a personal taste , I would chose none of these.

  10. X5SoB says:

    Damn, the level of commentary has reached a new low, I bet none of these little boys own a BMW. I thought viper was banned? Anyway, side by side, the Avant looks ungainly, and the E is oddly proportioned, the Touring is by far the most balanced design. In fact, if you compare it to the 5GT, one has to wonder who would choose it over the Touring. The chinese and young fanboys, I guess.

  11. Zack says:

    I think that BMW is a whole new level.
    Mercedes or Audi are no match for BMW.

  12. Freedom Rings says:

    Yesterday, Consumer Reports (CR) rated Cadillac’s new CTS a better whip than both a BMW 328i and Mercedes C300. Never mind that CR preferred the Infiniti G35 and Acura TL. A Bimmer had been bested by a Caddy! This is news! Bimmers are the buff book benchmark! Yes, well, tying the commercial success of BMW’s 3s and 5s to their on-road abilities is a perfect example of false synchronicity. While many models are justly coveted for their dynamic delights, their on-road performance is tangential to their sales appeal. BMW’s mojo lies elsewhere, in a more precarious place.

    It’s worth repeating: in most head-to-head competitions, BMWs no longer deliver a knock-out blow. Their straight-line speed is impressive, but there are faster. Their interiors are nice, but Audi’s are better. Their seats are wonderful, but the passenger accommodations offer precious little lebensraum for the buck. Speaking of which, BMWs are significantly more expensive and/or under-equipped vis a vis their price-equivalent competition.

    This leaves one strong link to BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” brand boast: handling. Again, there are better handling cars– especially considering BMW’s recent penchant for passion-killing run-flat tires and active steering. More generally, does anyone seriously suggest BMWs are the best handling cars throughout their [enormous] model range? Plenty of Mazda, Infiniti, Mercedes and (now) Cadillac fans are willing to throw down to the Roundel’s rep for corner-carving kudos.

    The truth about BMW is this: while the brand gets mad props from motor-journalists, the German automaker banks its bucks thanks to a very different demographic with a very different concept of “performance.”

    While BMW still aims for the luxury car market stratosphere (the 7-Series and Rolls, neither of which amount to much) and slums it in the lower reaches (the premium-priced MINI line), the propeller badge might as well be a rifle sight. And yuppies are in the crosshairs.

    No car is more identified with a particular rung of the corporate ladder than BMW. Nothing says “mover and shaker” more than an alphabet soup 3 or 5 in a reserved parking place. We’re not talking about the top slot; the truly highly-placed drive something with more presence. BMW is the ne plus ultra for upper middle execs, corporate clones whose cars must stand out from the “ordinary” (cynics might say “practical”) machines driven by the company’s lesser lights.

    Overpaying is part of the cachet, “I’m going places, and I don’t need to worry about what it cost.” Sure, Bimmer’s rep for speed and handling is a nice seasoning. But truth be told, the sort of person who regularly buys/leases a BMW probably doesn’t have the time to go joyriding. The exact position of this “Bimmer spot” within the corporate hierarchy varies from country to country, but the template remains the same: Urban Professional on the Move.

    On the Move. Ultimate Driving Machine. Done. It doesn’t really matter if a BMW lives up to its strapline– just as long as this business suit-wearing herd member buys the brief. The ultimate driving in question is symbolic; the BMW brand represents the single-minded “drive” known as personal ambition. Not to coin a phrase, if you own a BMW, you’re moving forward.Onwards. Upwards.

    BMW’s recent, phenomenal success is tied almost exclusively to the explosive success of this well-fed corporate demographic. Some argue that the brand’s move down market has hurt their brand cachet. The opposite may be true. Ironic as it sounds, appealing to the upper middle class pack mentality may have propelled the propeller people’s products to even greater heights, saleswise.

    And now, the reckoning?

    If there is a significant worldwide economic downturn, existing and potential BMW buyers may not make enough bonus– or simply feel “safe” enough– to take on a new car after three to five years. Should the corporate axeman’s blade swing through the lower executive level with particular violence, BMW sales will suffer widespread decapitation.

    That’s the problem with near luxury products. They’re not expensive enough to rise aove the fray, and they’re not cheap enough to fly under the corporate accountant’s radar.

    Meanwhile, exchange rates are making things even more precarious. To compensate for currency fluctuations, BMW must either raise model prices and enter into entirely different segments or hold the line and take the hit on profits. Whether here [U.S.] or abroad, the falling dollar threatens to move its models up one or more “classes.” Instead of merely being notably more expensive than their Japanese and American competitors– for which “badge cachet” compensates– BMWs are becoming especially expensive.

    If you thought the end of the SUV boom was bad for Detroit, The Big 2.8s exposure looks modest compared with BMW’s potential exposure to a general economic downturn. As Porsche proved back at the tail end of the 80s, if the worst happens, all BMW can do is… wait.

    • BMWM6 says:

      I wonder how fast I can read that.

      Ill post my time as soon as im done reading it

    • BMWM6 says:

      3 minutes 10 seconds

      Are those your own words

      What are you trying to prove it was all over place

      especially near the end on why bmw has to raise there price and in the beginning you said that bmw is much more expensive than there competitors

      Please explain

      Oh and also the BMW M3 is litterally The best handling car on the planet

    • Giom says:

      There’s so much inaccuracy in this piece of uneducated literature, that it doesn’t warent an educated reply. Typical case of ‘my dad is stronger than yours.’ Yea, what ever…

    • wazon8 says:

      What a crap, but on the other hand what to expect from someone who is ready to compare BMW with Mazda?! I recommend this guy to take trip to Mazda’s dealer and BMW dealer, and compare what he would get form BMW and Mazda. And it would be better, if he drove any decent BMW frist.

      • n8n says:

        It’s like comparing Bentley Continental (BMW) with Fiat Panda (Mazda)… Japanese cars are not bad, but they’re not PREMIUM, that’s why they’re so cheap and luxury cars (BMW, Audi, Mercedes…) has better… EVERYTHING.

    • Daniel H. says:

      Comparing the Luxury Euro brands against American and Asian Luxury brands is fine but comparing it to a cheap Mazda is just wrong. Its like comparing a 13in CRT and a 73in HDTV.

      Also, the Active steering is just optional, its for Existing Benz drivers who want easy driving. But you dont need it if you dont want it. Technology is killing the car. Mercedes and all the other brands pump all these stuff standard into the car that driving it is no longer fun. BMW should back off and continue to make there cars more fun to drive.

      I agree BMW is a bit costlier than the compitition from Asia and the US but its still cheaper than Mercs and Audi with similar specs. Asian Car makers,Audi, and Cadillac has there parent company such as Vw, GM, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda to finaice there cars. BMW is its own company in which they run Solo. Therefore, BMW has to be more expensive.

      You also have to know that BMW set records to be broken and simply, that motivated other brands to create cars to break it. After that, BMW simply strikes and takes the trophy back. Preformance Sedans were not invented until the M535i was introduced.

      BMW should reduce there line of vehicles. The 3,5, and 7 series are the main line. The X3, X5, and the Z Series are extra but not that important.. Instead of having the 528i and 535i engines that are from the 3 series, They need to just sell the 320hp 540i ( from the 740i ) and the 550i. The 328i should be replaced with the 330i and there should be just the 740i and 750i Just 2 engines in each model ( not including the M cars) can make BMW a much more profit and a better player in the market.

      What Freedom Rings wrote is offensive to some BMW fans but it is also a message to BMW. It is pretty much saying,

      “Wake up BMW, your not the winner anymore. Step up and take your trophy back”.

    • wazon8 says:

      To be honest, I really wonder where the opinion that Cadillac GTS-V is better than M3 e92 comes from. Perhaps the reason why some people became to believe that GTS-V is better car is its pre-production claimed time at Nurburgring which amounts to 7:59, whereas official M3 e92 time is 8:05. But Nurburgring is not the only track. There are few others at which M3e92 is better:
      Hockenheim Short: M3 = 1:14,3 vs GTS-V = 1:14,5;
      Laguna Seca: M3 = 1:42,9 vs GTS-V = 1:43,9;
      Autozeitung track test: M3 = 1:40,1 vs GTS-V = 1:41,7.

      Moreover, there are number of features that make above claimes about handling just ridiculous. Average slalom speed of GTS-V is only 69,2 mph (less than M5 E60), whereas M3 e92 achieved 73,3 mph (even more than Ariel Atom!). Skipade for GTS-V is 0,89g, for M3 e92 – 0,95g. Weight distribution should be noticable in GTS-V eighter, since it’s 54/46. Not mentioning about GTS-V’s mass close to 2 tons! No doubt, GTS-V is great car, but saying that it’s better than M3e92 is huge exaggeration. Putting all these things toghether I doubt that GTS-V would be faster than M3 at Nurburgring when it would be driven by Horst von Saurma (as M3 was). I would recommend to the author of above post to take a wider view on a stuffs about which she/he wants to talk. Comparisions of cars shouldn’t end at pre-productions claimes and opinions of rather stupid journalists. There are objectively checkable facts that clearly makes M3 e92 the best car in its class, for which RS5 (not GTS-V) is the biggest rival at the moment.

    • plaxico says:

      EXCELLENT article…….it just goes to show you what a mediocre brand BMW really is
      B R A V O freedom rings

  13. n8n says:

    Audi is pretty too, but I rather like BMW. About Mercedes… hmmm… maybe it’s comfortable, but I don’t like it’s looking… :/

  14. Jordan says:

    That article is ridiculous!…. enough said.

  15. Ginger says:

    wow..the more i look at the F10 5 series,the more i like it!well done BMW!

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