Be A Designer: BMW 6 Series redesigned by you

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The BMW 6 Series redesigning project has been well received by all of you here at BMWBLOG and along with the 135i Coupe project, this …

The BMW 6 Series redesigning project has been well received by all of you here at BMWBLOG and along with the 135i Coupe project, this has been one of the most exciting episodes in our “Be A Designer” series.  With a year left before the new model rolls out, the 6 Series looks still modern as it did back in 2003, so the project of redesigning it has been more challenging than ever.

Based on your valuable and appreciated input, our rendering artist, Andrei, went through the comments and chose some of the most relevant ones, in order for the outcome to be as close to reality as possible. The result, while not as radical as one would expect, it is very much in line with some of the other newer models and quite appealing, in our humble opinion.

As you can see from the renderings below, the redesigned BMW 6 Series keeps a realistic look, rather than a prototype-like vehicle, and we’re already anxious to see what BMW has prepared for us in the next iteration of the popular 6er.

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Beside the excitement of redrawing an existing BMW model, these episodes in the ” Be A Designer” series are all about bringing the community together and sharing constructive ideas.

We hope you enjoy working with us again and we would like to thank you again for your input and most important, for being part of the BMWBLOG community.

Last but not least, we would like to take a second a thank our sponsor Classic BMW, Ohio who keeps supporting us and our crazy innovative projects.

Project sponsored by Classic BMW, Ohio

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Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 01
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 03
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 04
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 14
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 15

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Update: The front-end as designed by


Your Input


  • the X6 headlamps
  • simple, clean, elegant & sport characteristics like the new 5 series F10


  • Much larger and more masculine rear wheel wells.
  • More sculpted front bumper/air dam with vertical cross members continuous with the hood-crease on both sides.
  • A more imposing kidney grill.
  • A lateral concave aspect to the rear bumper.


  • Change the alloy wheels.
  • Give it LED angel lights with the eyebrow in a CS style shape.
  • Reduce the size of the boot lid and smoothen the boot lid.
  • Have quad exhaust pipes.
  • Change the bumper and square of the kidney grilles.


  • I hate these e90 radiator grills. the upper part is to much chrome and the other sides too few.
  • also the car should look a bit more aggressive (more like its antecessor)


  • get rid of the chrome and give it more agressive front.
  • LED tail lights and more noticable L tail lights


  • the door mirrors, they should be a more fluid organic shape
  • The grill could be more prominent – ala the CS


  • The alloy rims are super i wouldn’t change them.
  • one thing it needs is to get of the ugly grill of the e90..a simple one could do the job


  • some of the new Z4s front end features mixed with some elements from vision concept
  • from the side view, have the pointy end protrude from the bottom of the backlight. rear view, let the light have narrow extending part come from up not below


  • Change the foglights to LED lights that are arranged in a horizontal line
  • Side mirrors of the e92 M3
  • Indicator lights on the front wheel arches
  • Remove the rear bumper lights/reflectors or at least change them
  • Rims in black

Javier Gil Martino

  • Get rid of those mustached kidney grilles (it seems they have and eyelid) Put something similar to E92
  • The end of the hood near the grilles (its final line) has to be in the limit with the grilles just as E82/E92/E93 and NOT like F01/F10/X1
  • The line at the shouder has to be wiht the door handle, just as F01, E92,etc
  • Rear taillights with a design more like F01/F10/E92 in two pieces each with L-shape LEDs


  • A beautiful matte grey wouldn’t go a miss either.

Ted Spahr

  • It needs something to break up the side, like the E92 M3 has on each side, the “style line” if you will, it needs to be much more aggressive and bold.
  • The headlights have always reminded me of lazy eye… Like someone else has said, X5/6 headlights would really set off the 6.
  • Something to make the hood a bit more aggressive, like the M3, a little bulge and some subtle vents maybe?

Ian Thompson

  • the third brake light has to go somewhere else or make it less noticeable


  • the front grill of the new 3 series coupe facelift, the hood of the m3


  • slightly bolder wheel wells and rear end similar to the Fisker Latigo CS.

Mike Messer

  • More aggressive front bumper.
  • Remove the reflectors on the rear bumper.
  • Smooth out the line between the trunk lid and the side quarter panels.
  • Increase the tailpipes to about 4″, they look slightly out of place being the size they are.
  • Drop the front by 1.25″ and the rear by .75″.
  • M-Parallel wheels in 18″ (the update on the Style 37’s).
  • Give a little bit more character to the side skirts.
  • make the eyebrow over the headlights not have a checkered pattern.


  • rear num plate in between the lights
  • Deeper bumper similar to 3er performance pack. Longer and more slender looking roofline.


  • Much nicer are the cars that look calm, but powerful at the same time, like a reposeful beast that says “I know I’m a great and powerful car”

54 responses to “Be A Designer: BMW 6 Series redesigned by you”

  1. Viktor says:

    very love back part of new BMW 6, but front part is ugly :( !!

    good job!

  2. L1ndja says:

    great back front is ugly .. i mentioned if we change the headlights we need to change most of the front so its naturally and being a designer these days is so difficult..
    Anyway thnx for the rims

  3. n8n says:

    Backlights looks great, but should be changed a little bit – the same with light in a fron, bu the way the kidneys should look more like in 5 or 7-series – or between, cause these are awful.

  4. Bryce says:

    The rear looks great, but I haven’t been a fan of the angled kidney grills on any of the redesigns.

  5. T. says:

    Ahem. Due to european pedestrian safety laws the grille can no longer be attatched to the bonnet, I still dont know why people insist in asking for this as it is now virtually impossible to design such a feature.

  6. Jag says:

    not a fan of these “be a designer” projects but i have to say: the last pic looks great!

    • Horatiu B. says:

      It’s something different that no one does and we think it’s a great way to get your input and do something with it. From a financial perspective, those projects are quite expensive, but I believe connecting with the community is far more important. Even BMW sees them and think they’re fun.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      No worries, I did not take it personally, we’re all entitled to an opinion, as you saw on here, we don’t censorship. Okay, maybe Viper :)

  7. Jag says:

    no offence. i know that everyone dreams of creating his own “ideal car” and this idea is a great way to visualize our dream. you all put your imagination and talent into these and the results are some really fabulous cars. i admire that.
    maybe i’m too conservative or something i can’t explain that makes me not fond of mixing details from various models into one – though i have to say again: some results are really great.
    however, this is just my personal opinion and i don’t want to hurt anyone. i respect your work and i’m glad that many readers like this. it shows that you are doing right.

  8. thank you very much for taking into account my opinions!!

    great job! i hope the new 6 series would be at least as nice looking as this one.

    really good job. only one thing to say: maybe you could correct the inclination of the kidney grills, it seems the left one as you see the photo is not correctly aligned, this is clear in the space between both grills, its narrower on its upper part.Also, it is like an open book faced down on a table, it is not a straight line, you have to push it to the table to make it plain and straight. The grilles seem to be like an arrow if you look from above the car, the are not like in the same straight line.

  9. Miles Ransom says:

    the last picture is best

  10. ///M-POWER says:

    il faut un avant et un arriere comme sur le BMW M1 CONCEPT dont l’avant est sur la derniere photo ici, et la elle sera parfaite………….a moins que le M1 concept préfigure la future SUPERCAR de BMW?????????????????

  11. X5 SoB says:

    Tha Automarket front is better, but still a rehash of recent design. The rear design is boring and derivative. The 6 needs to be a fresh and original design, much like the current one was. Bring Bangle back.

  12. ///M-POWER says:

    it is necessary before and an arrear as on the BMW M1 CONCEPT of which before is on the last photograph here, and it will be perfect …………. unless M1 concept precedes the future SUPERCAR from BMW?????????????????

  13. Auday says:

    the change is very subtle but still very positive IMO… not to say anything negative here, but really the e63 front and back are so ugly that anything would be an improvement IMO.
    great job taking peoples word into a 3d image!!

  14. Kodey says:

    Yea i like the last pic the best. The back looks terrible i’m sorry not trying to be rude and i give credit for those who designed it. Lets hope the real new 6er looks a tad bit different from this. xD

  15. bombardier01 says:

    First of all, i wanna say thanks so much for taking my opinions. This is really what i want to see for the next gen 6 series. Despite of its copy-paste design from the 5 Series F10, it sure have a simple, clean, elegant & sport characteristics like the F10 especially from the side & back. Of course we know, BMW will never do the exactly copy-paste design from their model, they will give some variations but still in the same design language. And i think it is much better integrated in term of design than the current 6 series, although the current one is still one of the best looking coupe in the market! BUT, i’m sorry, the front part isn’t that nice. It looks weird, disproportionate, & loss the aggresiveness character from X6 . Instead, the design from Automarket is much better proportion. Simple & aggresive!
    Anyway, thanks again & i hope BMW will make the next gen 6 series still the best looking coupe in the market! ^_^

  16. Omar says:

    thanks for responding to as many requests as possible.
    i like the back, but its too similar to the 5er… i think we all would rather the 6er have its own character… afterall, we dont want it to be a 5 series coupe.
    and, i think the x6 headlights dont really fit the front. just my opinion,.
    other than that, great job guys!

  17. Bryce says:

    I love the Vision Concept front end!! It may not make it to production, but BMW really needs to incorporate the Vision’s headlights into some of their designs.

    • Luyandza says:

      I fully agree therefore this front might as well be on the new six since we will never get thave the M1 or the Vision ED.

  18. txdesign says:

    Another proof that design by committee does not work. It’s worse in every way in my opinion.

  19. KOUKI507 says:

    The M1 concept front is a very good idea, i love it. But it isn’t the case with the X5/X6 front..

  20. bomber21 says:

    The design is very conservative,it does not match a very special car like the BMW 6 series.

  21. lennardt says:

    WOW! I really like this car. the rear looks a bit too much like 5series, but that’s ok. it looks better than 6series in every way and i really love bmws original design. -> GREAT job! :-)
    Could you do a version of these pics with a resolution like 1920×1200?
    The looks a bit too much like audi-vision efficient dynamics-mix in my opinion, but still a nice car.

    • lennardt says:

      that the rear looks like 5series is good. i watched it for some time now and i think it looks a lot better than the original.

  22. lakshay says:

    needs a sharp look from the front and needs to be lowered from the back.

  23. BMfan says:

    The back is great but it should be tinkered with to make it different from the 5series.
    In my own opinion the front vent down should be broken up a bit-it will give it a little strenght.
    Doing away with chrome makes the black colour of most BMW Mcars and sport options, look dull. BMW should please give those of us who love chrome on cars the option to have them if we want. Honestly it makes me desire AMGs in black, sometimes if not that BMW will still beat them to it in performance.
    Also the X6 front light is ok but should narrower or slower..

  24. bunker says:

    Although the front end of this thing looks like a Buick Regal, I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. I think what this exercise really demonstrates, however, is how difficult it is to design an attractive and inspiring automobile collaboratively, and that it is even more difficult to make a bold design statement that is ahead of the curve that cannot be appreciated for several years. We sometimes take for granted how beautiful and cutting edge the styling of these BMW machines has become. Perhaps we should be less critical…since the folks in Munich do a really nice job IMO.

  25. L1ndja says:

    the Automarket one is something i like.It doesnt look bad

  26. AndreyDobra says:

    the first model looks pretty good, albeit more along the lines of an angry 2011 5 Series, while the Automarket one just borrows a bit too much from the Vision concept.
    Frankly I’m quite fond of the current Bangle 6er, and I’m quite interested to see just what the next generation will look like

  27. Edox says:

    Isn’t it inaccurate to use 4 tailpipes, since that feature is only reserved for the M cars?

    Anyways, nice designs! Thanks for taking some of my pointers.

  28. Bix says:

    I like back side it is just the way it should look like, the front should be used like the magazine suggested with lights redesigned so it would have house design. I honestly doubt BMW would install lights that had Vision Concept had. I would like BMW listen vox populi and not quit from suggested design.

  29. SEAN says:

    i agree with the lights

  30. Brett says:

    Love the rear end. Front should be more like current 7-series or the 2010 5-series. Quad exhaust is great. Multi-spoke wheels would be nice. Fog lamps would also be decent to have.

  31. ethny says:

    BWMs have the UGLIEST wheels. My gosh, when will the designers focus on that??? This 6 head lights looks too much like a Camaro, that’s the last thing BMW should be trying to copy. The tail lights are not original enough, they look like the lights on the five series. This BMW IS NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL.

    • Bix says:

      I designe cars in my free time and I confess this work is far away from being State of the art, BUT I also have to say that it is way more better looking from the model before. I don´t like the front side and compare with Camaro is ridiculous…first almost every american car has awfull look trying to impress with size, second the engines are tragedies lot of horsepowers,poor caracteristics….i mean housewifes and impontent people showing off in a truck look chevy with big block engine and automatic transmission…-tragedy
      i would like to see them in old school bmw like e30, e34, e36,…manual…

    • Alexandra Miles says:

      I agree with you. It does look too much like a Camero. If I am going to pay 100,000+, I don’t want it to be confused with a Chevy from a distance.

  32. _.M@xi.KinQ' says:

    This photoshop is so ugly! Sorry!

  33. FATHU says:


  34. Anti-Chevy says:

    Focus on the wheels, they look mworse than the stupid corvette’s

  35. ARON says:

    Automarket’s spin on the 6 is very unexpected… but fan-f—-ing-tastic! The original rendering, however (as designed by “you”) disappoints. Sorry people—but stop re-creating the 3er coupe we WISHED they’d make. Please.

  36. Steenbra says:

    Keep the grill from the Fii Design but incorporate the front light design from the new Z4. Thin and long running a bit onto the side fender. It’ll take a lot off the old teardrop shape headlamps and still have a neat but aggressive look! The bum looks delicious!! And guys, out with the 5-spokes!

  37. XFX says:

    Please put the numberplate on the bumper & make the taillights thinner and longer,front is great nice job boys.

  38. John says:

    I like the front end of Automarket! Just the air-intakes for the brake cooling could be a little smaller!

    Personally, i would take that front, add both foglights and side-road-lights to it and make the air intakes a bit smaller.

    The other design is the same as the 5-series: A 7-series front, a 3-series back, cut two doors and you have a 6-series? No way! If they come up with something like this, i’ll have to check the Mercedes-site again, or go for something really exotic like a Ferrari, Maserati or may a Koenigsegg.

    Even the Audi R8 looks better than this softie :( Is there a female designer working at BMW or what? Please guys, don’t disappoint after all those years …

  39. hamidreza toodehkesht says:

    please send your e-mail to my e-mail for send my design to BMW Group

  40. Luyandza says:

    I lke the automarket design its the new design direction I’ve been akin for BMW to take since I saw The M1 homage. I’ve always been objective enough to compliment other cars but my heart’s shape is a blue and white and it’ll never wonder. If only now BMW can heed our call and give us what we want to take the fight to AUDI and M-B in terms of looks. Since we all know dynamically they cant be touched.

  41. Jev says:

    Change front bumper/air dam with Daytime Running Light

  42. Edward Lee says:

    I’m a designer myself and I would like show BMW some my new design for the next generation 5-series, and C-series coupe along witha newly restyled 3-series sedan, and a all new super sport coupe to compete with the SLR series, it new name I cannot discuss because of copyrights and trademarks, but however I been designing cars for twenty years and I have over a 100 designs.

  43. nitish says:

    I want to send the car design to BMW.

  44. Erebus says:

    the last picture is best

  45. Joe says:

    The 1 series pls

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