BMW 5 Series Premiere: Interior Design

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BMW 5er F10 Interieur 26 750x500

After seeing the official photos of the new BMW 5 Series, many of us have agreed that the interior of the new 5 Series is …

After seeing the official photos of the new BMW 5 Series, many of us have agreed that the interior of the new 5 Series is indeed a step forward for BMW. Sharing lots of design elements with the 7 Series, the 5 Series interior design moves up a notch and closes the gap between BMW and Audi or Mercedes, when it comes to cabin design.

The F10 5 Series interior is wider, more spacious and appealing than the E60 models. It has design status of the F01 7 Series, but with the sporty nature that we’ve not seen in a 5-Series since the E39. Where the E60 may have lost some people with its more bland and plasticy nature, this new 5-Series looks to be much more upscale, especially with the wood.

The front seats seem very sporty, but with support enough for comfort, too. But, the back seats truly deserve the attention here; BMW says to have increased rear knee room by .5 inches.

BMW 5er F10 Interieur 23 655x491

The new 5-Series has a rear seat entertainment system just as the current 7-Series, but this one seems to be operated with a control instead of a dial as you see on the 7er. Also, the rear climate control can be independently operated by the rear passengers.

As for iDrive, you can see the knob more off to the right of the driver, it’s the same updated knob and buttons that you see on the current 2010 BMWs. You can also get just the standard iDrive with a standard 7-inch 800×480 resolution screen, or the actual navigation system with a 10.2-inch 1280×480 resolution screen.

BMW 5er F10 Interieur 07 655x491

The steering wheel features shift paddles for the models equipped with the 8-speed automatic transmission.

The entire cluster is in a high-resolution Black Panel display, in which four classic circular instruments are most prominent; other driving-relevant displays and readouts – including Navigation if present, vehicle-monitoring functions, upcoming service requirements and other information – also appear here in their various (and function-related) graphic forms. Climate-control settings and controls are located in a second Black Panel display in the center console stack.


The choices of colors and materials further enhance the impression of personal luxury and the interior’s interplay of lines and surfaces. For the dash’s finely grained upper section, there are two colors depending upon the chosen interior color. Dakota leather is standard on the 550i, and available in six color schemes of which three are new; BMW’s luxurious Nappa leather is optional, and available in three color schemes.

Dark Burl Ash wood trim interior trim is standard, appearing in sweeping expanses on the dash, doors and front center console; Ash Anthracite (gray tone) and another distinctive wood called Fineline Matte are optional.


The center console comes in two variants: On cars with a manual gearbox the console is split into two sections, the black surface surrounding the gearshift lever and the buttons on the optional Driving Dynamics Control oriented towards the driver. A key holder has been placed between the gearshift lever and the climate control.

If the exterior design still draws some criticism from BMW community, the interior aspect seems to satisfy even the most demanding BMW owners.

18 responses to “BMW 5 Series Premiere: Interior Design”

  1. Julien says:

    bmw nailed it once again

  2. Kodey says:

    I love this so much, i was hoping they would create a masterpiece and they did. But the front seats are they the same ones from the 7er?

  3. Jordan says:

    I think this interior is absolutely one of the best i’ve ever seen from BMW, Audi and Mercedes! everyone says that Audi is the interior standard, well I think this should be the standard now. it’s much nicer IMO to any Audi out there. I LOVE IT! :)

    looking at this photo you can see the silver trim that is below the wood trip running across the dash, it adds a touch of sportiness to the classy wood and leather… it looks fantastic!! it’s also on the doors

  4. kcsnyud says:

    helloooooooooooo. Yes this is awesome. But, it looks so much like a 7 series, no one is gonna buy a 7. Everyone will crash for the 5. So what’s the 30,000 dollar price differnce of the 7 for?

    • Jordan says:

      yes it is a hefty price increase for a 7. i can tell you that if you’ve got the money for the 7, the interior room alone you get with the 750Li would be a very good sell. there are luxury items, especially in the back seat, that don’t come with the 5 series.

      the guy with the money to buy a 5 series will probably not consider the 7 because it’s too expensive for him to justify the consequences of borrowing or doing whatever he has to, to get the money for the 7. same as a guy with the money for a 760Li wouldn’t get the RR Ghost because it’s too expensive and can’t justify it. i’m sure either guy could do it but they wouldn’t be living financially comfortably with the more expensive car.

      don’t worry about the 7, it will sell and sell well…. it already has. i actually think this interior “design” is better than the 7, however the actual interior and space u get with the 7 is better.

    • Babak says:

      Jordan brought up a good point with size and space. Another factor is that although the 5’s interior LOOKS similar to the 7 in pictures, I’m sure the quality of materials used is not going to be near the ones in the 7. That’s one reason for the price increase, and why some may like the 7 more. Another reason is exclusivity, larger size, more luxurious options (esp in back, some in front too), and smoother ride. There are probably tons more that I can’t think of right now. These are things that are important to the 7er driver, but probably not the biggest deal in the world for the 5er buyers.

  5. BA says:

    The GT has ambiance lighting for the rear passengers as well, will the F10 have the same?

    • kcsnyud says:

      Probably, since lots of bimmer models do.

      Jordan- Thx for the good points you made. But to be honest, no one knows. What if they used the same materials for the 7 as for the 5? That’s the part i worry.

      Babak- If they make a long wheelbase 5 and bring it to the u.s, I’m sure the 7’s exclusivity will end. Just sayin. And that’s what I fear since the 7 is my favaorie bmw.

      • Babak says:

        You can see from the pictures that the 5GT and 7 have VERY SIMILAR material quality, whereas the 5 does not. It has also been that way in the past, that the 5 does not have the materials of the 7.

        As for BMW making a 550Li (or 535Li) I don’t think it will happen as it would eat into their own market share, and because they aren’t forced to, since no other competitor offers that solution. However, BMW did make a bunch of 530Li for the Chinese market, but that was exclusive and built in China if I’m not mistaken.

      • Jordan says:

        I don’t think the materials in the 5 are quite as nice as the 7, however, they are quite close. the 5 interior appeals more to me (im in my 20s), it seems more sporty and a little bit busier than the 7. the 7 seems to be less busy with a focus on elegance and creating length with long, unobstructed design lines. when things are busier, it gives a feeling of being in a smaller car, so with the 7 they’re trying to accentuate the interior space and combined with the materials, the luxury of it.

        just my thoughts. I also highly doubt they will make a long wheelbase 5… that almost certainly would take away from the regular size 7 series.

        Babak – they made a few 5 series Li models for China to compete with the A6 L… I don’t think you will see it in major markets tho for the same reason i made above.

  6. TMQ says:

    I have a problem with one paragraph in the article.

    “Where the E60 may have lost some people with its more bland and plasticy nature, ” I’m sorry, what is your evidence for the “plasticy”? And you guess it, it’s not even a word. If you imply that E60 has too much plastic, please show some evidence and comparison to the F10.

  7. viper says:

    its a 7 series , bmw should name all of its cars the same name only different sizes

    • Jordan says:

      the exact same could be said about the C-class, and E-class….. and probably S-class. it’s called making the cars look similar enough so that people can easily recognize that this is a BMW… or that a car is a Mercedes…. or Audi for that matter. even glancing at it, you can tell it’s not a 7 series… takes probably 1 second, unless you’re really slow, to know it’s not a 7.

  8. :p says:

    It doesnt matter if it looks the same, if it looks and drive good, then ill buy it

  9. kcsnyud says:

    I looked at the interior a litttle more and i realized, you guys are right- the 5 doesn’t have leather stitched upper panels, better quality leather, or awesome wood.

    But I have some questions- Does the new 5 have real wood or fake wood? And will the 5 have standard leather trim? Cos it looks like the 5 has fake wood, and more piano balck finish.

    • Jordan says:

      I think the lack of “awesome wood” in the 5 could be because they didn’t show the full array of options. I remember looking at a video showing a lot of different combos and the wood that i did see i thought was quite real, although i could be wrong. i think a 5 series is quite well deserving of real wood…. maybe even a 3 series.

  10. 100$ GUY says:

    Its easy to make reasons to justify either purchase -5 or 7 -, thats why both exist. Let me tell u that I do love this new 5 contrary to the new 7, which doesnt appeal to me whatsoever. I´ll nail an S class instead. Definitely.

  11. e39 m5 says:

    The interior design of the new BMW 5 Series shows class and comfort to me!
    By the way, I love its exterior too.

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