The New Landshark has landed – 2009 BMW Z4

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Well folks, today is finally the day we get a true glimpse at the 2009 BMW Z4 and what a glimpse it is! As BMW noted in …

Well folks, today is finally the day we get a true glimpse at the 2009 BMW Z4 and what a glimpse it is! As BMW noted in it’s press release, the new Z4 is the first BMW  Z Series to carry a hardtop convertible. As such, this new Z4 will be a hybrid of both coupe and convertible which may leave little hope for those of us looking for a successor to the E85 coupe. 

2009 bmw z4 wallpaper 1 498x398

Moving on though, the new Z4 is a tour de force of  styling, technology and performance. For those of you that followed the many test mule pictures that have littered the internet the you probably already knew what to expect in terms of styling, especially based on some of the prospective spy shots we’ve shown here before. However, the Z4 looks even better than I had hoped. It retains the classic sports car layout with a potent engine tucked under a long hood with a soft, tapering tail at the rear.

The cut lines that glide down the car from wheel well to wheel well are a strong evolution of the original flame surfacing lines seen on the previous generation Z4. These same cut lines are then accentuated by the fender inlets behind the front wheels, a styling cue taken directly from the CS Concept and already spotted on the new F01 7 Series.


Speaking of the CS Concept, strong cues of the CS Concepts nose are found in the nose of BMW’s new land shark. The protruding, wider grill is the most distinct feature of this car and taken directly from the CS. The headlamps of the new Z4 also share CS DNA coupled with an evolution of the previous Z4’s headlamp architecture. On the flip side, at the new Z4’s rear, we see more styling cues drawn from the current 6 Series with the tail lamps while style retaining the prior Z4’s general shape though the rear deck does have more of a supple, gradual slope compared to the very shear, sharp drop of the rear deck of the old Z4. 

2009 bmw z4 wallpaper 498x398

Moving inside the car, we see an interior that almost exactly duplicates that of the CS Concept’s. In my opinion, this interior really focuses the dash and instruments much more toward the driver, which is thankfully the opposite of the direction BMW’s interiors had been moving. Granted it’s difficult to tell, but the fit and finish of interior appears to be very refined and polished and pulls design cues from the CS again with the electronic handbrake and the unfortunately goofy looking shifter on automatic/DCT models. That said, the Z4 will be a very comfortable, cozy place  to be that wraps around it’s occupants juxtaposed to the somewhat expansive, long dash-laden interior of the previous Z4

Outside of styling, the Z4 brings a lot of the new techno goodies that BMW has been working on. Just to name a few, we’ll see a new 7-Speed DCT transmission, the improved iDrive interface, electronic handbrake, Dynamic Drive Control – which makes the suspension adjustable(my favorite new option!) Needless to say, the new Z4 will pack the pinnacle of BMW’s current road-going technology. Who said Audi’s the only one with the mantra “Vorsprung durch Technic?”

Now, for the most important bit. How’s it going to perform? It’s going to perform pretty damn well actually! As many had hoped, the new Z4 will come equipped with the award-winning 3.0L twin turbo inline-6, which should keep all of the enthusiast crowd happy until BMW graces us with the M variant. The 300 horsepower engine can be coupled to not only a 6-speed manual but the new dual-clutch 7 speed automatic which will likely shift faster than the traditional manual transmission.  

The twin turbo will also be complimented by what many of the US BMW enthusiasts will recognize as the E90 330i engine: the 3.0L 255 HP inline-6. While the twin turbo version with DCT will weigh in just shy of 3,300 lbs, don’t fret, it’ll still do the 0 to 60 time in 5.0 seconds flat or likely faster given BMW’s traditionally conservative performance ratings. So, we’ve got another BMW that’s treading heavily into Porsche 911/Cayman territory? Sounds good to me.

Before you get all excited and run to the phone to call your dealer, you’ve got to get this new naming system for the car down, otherwise your dealer won’t have a clue which engine you want. Thanks to ridiculous laws requiring more clear, non-letter/number nomenclature for model names, the new Z4 will be called the BMW Z4 sDrive35i which stands for “Sports Driver 3.5L injection” – I think, that’s my best guess for this new, terrible naming system.

I much prefer the Z4 3.0Si, a throwback to the model numbering of the 1970’s. So, if you don’t feel like dropping a ton of coin on the top-of-the-line twin turbo sDrive35i then spring for the sDrive30i which should likely start somewhere in the low-to-mid $40’s. Look for the new Z4 to officially drop on dealerships May 9, 2009 according to BMW.

Look for us to have a review and further information as we learn more on BMW’s hot new roadster.
Andrew Murphy

15 responses to “The New Landshark has landed – 2009 BMW Z4”

  1. patricksixer says:

    “The New Landshark?!” As an E24 guy, I must say–WWWWWWHAAAAAAT?!
    (I never thought of the Z3 and Z4 as much of a Shark. It’s it’s own thing.. But not a Shark!)

    lol j/k about all that…

    I agree that the new naming system may be the worst thing about this car. I didn’t know it was because of laws though? That’s absolutely insane…American or European laws though? either way, :(

    Still, given the performance numbers I too am waiting for what the ///M version will bring us :)

  2. Marc says:

    Ok now where did THAT front grill come from? That is different from the pics in “2009 BMW Z4-The Ultimate Photo Gallery”. THIS looks good…the champagne colored Z4…ehhh..not so much….

  3. Dede says:

    “Thanks to ridiculous laws requiring more clear, non-letter/number nomenclature for model names…”

    If that really the case, then why aren’t we seeing equally crappy names from other manufacturers? The most I am seeing are the additions of RWD or AWD to the model name on websites, but these designations don’t appear on the vehicle badge. So what is the exact legislation that requires this? Give me a reference to the specific law.

    I like your preference of naming schemes. Maybe in addition to the model designation deletion option BMW could offer an option to replace the badge with Z4 3.0Si.

  4. Andys120 says:

    Landshark indeed! That was my first thought on seeing photos of the dark blue car. There’s an awful lot of (updated) 507 in this design. To appreciate this look at a pic of the 507 w hardtop in place

    Note how closely the shapes of the windshield and sidewindows resemble those of the Z4. The there’s the side vents and the character line along the fender. Different to be sure but strong echoes of the 507 one of the best looking roadsters ever made.

  5. roffle waffle says:

    3300 lbs for a hardtop… not TOO bad

  6. Marc says:


    You are absolutely right. I took a look at the link you provide and immediately saw the resemblance…errr…”update”. Portions of the center portion of the front grill are present in the new Z4 as well….

  7. Giom says:

    I think this is my new favorite BMW. It’s just so much more ‘styled’ than my previous favorite… the 6 series. With the new six looming, I think we can expect more of this styling theme… nothing wrong with that… he he he.

  8. Gragop says:


    I ran a quick search relating to the BMW model nomenclature. I’d initially heard about it from the X6 – Bimmerfile posted an internal memo relating to the change in model names, probably specific to the X and Z models as they don’t lend themselves to engine/drivetrain information:

  9. Lance says:

    This is damn nice!

  10. bunker says:

    I love it.
    The blue is ridiculously hot.
    See BMW…? You guys can still make good looking cars when you want to. Now,about that ugly-ass X6…

  11. bunker says:

    By the way, can someone re-post the Autoexpress renderings of the Z4 from the July 22nd post? I went back and looked at them today, and they were almost DEAD-ON, and I think some kudos (or acknowledgment of inside info!) is in order. The front end in particular, with the exception of the kidneys being a touch on the small side, was absolutely nailed.

  12. bunker says:

    @ Horatiu B.
    YES!!! Thanks for the repost. They did a GREAT job on that render. The hood lines are a touch off as well, but MAN is this close…

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