2009 BMW Z4 – The Ultimate Photo Gallery

BMW Z4 | December 13th, 2008 by 14
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2009 BMW Z4 Photo Gallery

If you haven’t been following the news in the past few hours, I am going to let you know again  that the all new 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster has been officially unveiled. As expected and as we have seen before, BMW has hit the jackpot with the new BMW Z4 E89.

So, we decided to come back with our usual, regular, whatever you want to call it, “Ultimate Photo Gallery”, we believe the new Z4 deserves its own place on our blog, so we will collect all the photos from now on, into a single page.

I am not sure about you, but I am duper super excited about the Z4, despite the fact that I have been fighting a severe cold for the past few days, I would jump out in the 20F Chicago weather and drive it RIGHT now. Yes, I know, it’s a summer car, but you get my point.

I would like to end with a big thank you to Ms. Juliane Blasi, the great designer at BMW. I hope she will have her hands into future models as well.

Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon with more exclusive news on the Z4. If you would like us to keep you updated on all the BMW news, please take a moment and sign up for our email feed Get updates by email or grab the RSS Feed

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