The new 7 Series looks pretty good

7-series | July 25th, 2008 by 7

Enough said! Look at these new pictures and maybe it will change your opinion. As I have stated before, my first thought was …not very …

Enough said! Look at these new pictures and maybe it will change your opinion. As I have stated before, my first thought was …not very pleasant when it came to the new 7, but after keep seeing new photos and more, then I completely changed my mind.

What do you think? Still hate it?

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2009 BMW 7 Series

7 responses to “The new 7 Series looks pretty good”

  1. BMW sales says:

    I can’t hate this car one bit. It will be the collaboration of BMW’s finest technologies, sporty handling, immense luxuries, and a refreshing “toned-down” sense of styling that the 7-series deserves this time around. That being said, I can not wait to see what goodies this car will present in real life when I can take one for a spin and see if its still, deceivingly, the large variant of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

  2. PeterWyspianski says:

    Not sure about the front, looks a bit like a Volvo now – bigger grill, hood

  3. Auday says:

    Still Lexus copy and still ugly, no matter how many pics you post. I’ll wait till I see it in person, but I doubt it will be any better.

  4. Ladies, Gentlemen… Fans of BMW’s. My name is Jason Doornick. I am an avid fan of most sport cars. I currently Drive a 2001 Audi All-road with Adjustable suspension. Irregular problems have occurred and has been a deterrent for me to get a new one. I am going/have been wanting to get a BMW. Everyone that I personally speak to about a BMW says it is every sport car drivers DREAM COME TRUE. But online, phone, forums, blogs… People put the BMW down a lot. Problems… Issues… repairs… i drive…. x drive. I very much like the spaciousness of the 2003-present 7 series. The 5 series, as well, attracts me just as much. The 7 serious is my top choice now because of room, MPG, robustness, and style. I want as much feedback as possible about anyone owning a 5 series or 7 series in this year range (2003-present). Hoping that I can get some positive or interesting feedback i will make my decision to move to BMW or to stick with Audi or Mercedes. I would be more than happy to give anyone feedback about Audis. I have learned so much about them as I have owned 3 of them and driven many through family and dealres. Thanks—~~~

    Jason Alexander Van Doornick

  5. nizer says:

    Too tall. Too tall in the body and too tall in the grille. Not much here to move me emotionally. BMW needs to get back to cutting-edge design.

  6. Auday says:

    I should stop checking my RSS feed in the morning, the pictures of this ugly beaver face freaks me out and screws up my breakfast appetite.

  7. Horatiu B. says:


    I think you will be surprised when you will see it in person. You’ll change your opinion :)

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