BMW dealer refuses to honor M3 Ebay auction

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Update: BMW of Lincoln has agreed to sell him the car at a price of 60K but… with certain conditions. Update #2: The story has …

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Update: BMW of Lincoln has agreed to sell him the car at a price of 60K but… with certain conditions.

Update #2: The story has evolved into a more complicated issue

The buyer will go over the conditions tomorrow morning. I'm wondering what these conditions might be. A post on saying how great that dealership is??!! Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed. The story has become so big that it's not even funny(for the dealership, of course). 

BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska, posted an auction on eBay for a brand new BMW M3 Sedan. The starting price was set at $60,000. Since everyone knows that the new M3's are apparently the hottest thing sitting in the dealers' lots, I'm assuming the BMW dealer in this case hoped that an Ebay auction will help them sell the car at a higher price. We all know the story from last week, when a BMW dealer in California decided to mark up the M3's price at $100,000, 30k over the MSRP.

Well, it seems like the dealer's expectations were too high and a gentleman in California won the auction at the initial price. To his surprise, the dealer refuses to sell him the car and in a phone conversation, he was told that the auction was a mistake. Ebay's rules are pretty simple and once the auction is over, the dealer needs to finalize the transaction. 

Here is the story that has been posted on If you have any legal advice or you would like to chime in, please feel free to drop your comments in here and everything will be forwarded to the right person.

I’ve been looking to get an E90 M3 sedan, and was cruising ebay when I came upon this auction. Its for a Jerez Black sedan with FR interior, loaded with everything except extended leather.
The car advertises its title in CAPS “LOWEST PRICE ON EBAY”. The auction started at 60,000 and had a BUY IT NOW for 66926 K. NO RESERVE.…ksid=p3907.m32

Jerez black on Fox red was not my first choice (I have a deposit for AW/Silver interior with DCT at a local dealer) but I was willing to live with it at a 60K price point, so I bid on it with the intention to pay if I won.
I wasn’t sure if I would win or not, but I went ahead and secured financing prior to the auction end so I could arrange immediate payment.
I ended up winning the auction with a bid of 60K (my max was 61K).

15 minutes after auction end, this guy Michael Barett (At BMW of Nebraska) calls and nervously tells me the auction was a “mistake”.
I reminded him of his contractual obligation to complete the transaction, to which he continues to reply “it was a mistake”, and refused to honor the deal.
He then offered to call his manager and confirm what they could do, but same response. When I pressed the issue and raised the possibility of legal action, this guy had the nerve to condescendingly laugh and say we are a multi-billion dollar company, ebay will definitely side with us.
I corrected Michael, and told him your company may have revenue in the millions, but you make 35K a year, screwed the pooch on this one so lets not get carried away.
But to make a long story short, he is refusing to honor the deal.

This morning (Mar 21, 2008) I left a message with the GM (Fil Catania – He didn’t pick up) to call me, so we will see what happens.

But this whole incident just stinks, and sets a bad example for ebay auto sales in general.
Can sellers, especially dealers (which you would think are held to a higher standard on ebay) just decide they don’t want to honor a price? I know not all dealers are like this, but its pretty unethical, on both sides to back out of an auto auction because you dont like th eprice.

Im convinced this dealer went into this auction intentionally setting a low price, with no reserve.
The title, 08 M3 LOWEST PRICE ON EBAY says it all and me thinks they were hoping to generate bids, which didn’t pan out.
Also, the pricepoint at which they started the auction, 60K is no small amount…..its not as if the auction started at 0.01 and ended there, it started at 60K.
Obviously, they set it to attract serious buyers with the money to complete the transaction.

In this case, this dealer wasn’t happy with the ending price, a 7K difference from his BUY IT NOW (which he adjusted twice, so I assume they watched this auction). Had the auction ended at 64K, would they have still refused?
But I know had the auction ended at 90K, and I refused to pay, Im sure their lawyers would be all over me.
Not sure what Im going to do, but part of me feels I should pursue this on principle alone. But at the same time, I dont want to get too worked up, as these things might drag out, take time/money and make it a negative experience overall. I want to be happy getting a new M3 like some of the others on the board, ya know?  

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15 responses to “BMW dealer refuses to honor M3 Ebay auction”

  1. Advice says:

    Even though you have a strong case, there were many times in the past when deals did not go through and unless you will “invest” money in a lawyer, Ebay won’t help you much. Your best bet is to contact BMWNA on Monday, ask to talk to a higher BMW Manager and plead your case. The dealers’ yearly allocations are also based on the ratings that each dealer receives from its customers, so in the end, the BMW Lincoln might give in and sell you the car, in order to avoid any issues with BMWNA.

    Good luck

  2. Monica says:

    Definitely pursue this with ebay as well. Maybe they will at least be banned from posting items in the future. Good luck! Don’t let the man keep you down!!

  3. Monica says:

    If you haven’t already, report them here:

  4. Mike C. says:

    The dealer has definitely underestimated the power of internet. The story will be all over the place tomorrow and they will have no choice but to honor the deal. Too bad that they ruined their reputation over such a small thing

  5. The information fairy says:

    Contact your Secretary of State who may like to prosecute him for fraud.

  6. Curtis says:

    definitely, definitely, definitely, file a dispute/claim with ebay. You may not get the car, but you can at least get the dealer thrown off ebay.

  7. James says:

    Hmm, this is a little complicated. I guess it depends how much the dealer values their reputation. My advice: BMWNA

  8. Jeff Sceggell says:

    Call the regional BMW rep in your area.

    Your dealership NEEDS to maintain certain CRI #’s or they get screwed over on warrentee reimbursements as well as alot of other things.

    Just mention this and you will get your way, guaranteed. IF their CRI scores go to low BMW will start breathing down their neck and it will cost them tens of thousands of dollars every year.

  9. On behalf of truth says:

    “I corrected Michael, and told him your company may have revenue in the millions, but you make 35K a year”

    Dude that wrote this shows his true self! He’s alittle runt, moronic, sissy…. Why throw that in? Actually the Guy probably makes 90,000 a year -I hope the guy who wrote this gets the car and totals it soon thereafter.

    Maybe a little poetic justice is what this tool needs. Just another wimp with a mouse who got beat up all through high school.

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