Tesla Model S

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Drag Race: BMW M4 vs. Tesla Models S P85D

BMW M4 takes on the Tesla Model S P85D in a rolling-start drag race. At a first glance, the drag race seems to be far from being fair; the BMW M4, powered by a 3.0…

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BMW i3 Named Most Fuel-Efficient Luxury Car of 2015

Kelley Blue Book names the BMW i3 the most fuel-efficient luxury car of 2015. BMW’s i3 tops this list for the second year in a row. According to the popular car guide, the i3’s design…

Tesla Model S Gets “Ludicrous” Mode, 0-60 In 2.8 Seconds

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Amsterdam loves its electric cars

BMW chose to have their international launch of the BMW i3 here last November and it’s no wonder why. Nearly every block you walk, you see one type of electric car of another. Having had…

Tesla introduces new $75,000 car – Model S 70D

California-based automaker of electric cars, Tesla, introduces a new entry-level car in their lineup. The new Tesla Model S 70D starts at $75,000 and qualifies for federal tax credit which lowers the price to $67,500….

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BMW i3 outselling Tesla

On the fourth month of BMW selling its all-new BMW i3, the sales numbers are now 70% higher than Tesla’s in the U.S. market. InsideEVs reports best estimates which put the number of Tesla cars…