We’ve already seen the new 3 Series a ton since its debut just this morning. However, we can’t really get enough, as it is the 3 Series after all, the brand’s most important, best-selling car and the car that really created the segment. So when a new one dawns, it’s very exciting. Which is why we’re bringing you even more live photos of the new G20 3 Series from the Paris Motor Show.

The car in question is wearing the new 3er’s M Sport package. We feel that this is the best looking variant of the new 3 Series. Not the BMW M340i, either, but a standard 3er with the M Sport package looks the best. It’s just the best combination of sporty but subtle looks. It looks just sporty enough without looking crazy, like the M340i.

Sure, its M Sport bumper and front air intakes makes it look a bit like a G30 5 Series but it’s not identical and its new headlights really spice the front end up. They just look fantastic, with those little notches. I can’t help but think of the E46 3 Series when I see them and only good things come from thinking about the E46.

Inside is where the new G20 3 Series changes most from its F30-generation predecessor. It’s far more modern looking, packed with much more technology and it’s even sportier looking, while becoming more premium. Material and build quality are both up inside this new G20, as are interior space and technology. The new iDrive system looks great and is easily the best in the segment and BMW’s new digital instrument panel is excellent, even if it lacks a bit of the functionality of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit.

In person, the new G20 3 Series looks superb and we can’t wait to give it a drive on the road and track to see what it’s really made of.