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Ten Millionth MINI Rolls Off Assembly Line in Oxford

2019 is a very special year for MINI. The BMW-owned brand celebrated its 60th anniversary this year and today, marked yet another important milestone in its history. The ten millionth car made by the British…

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BMW continues to prepare for no-deal Brexit

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet issued a 585 pages long draft withdrawal agreement which outlines the transition as the UK leaves the European Union. In a statement, BMW said it was continuing…

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BMW to close Mini plant for a month post-Brexit

The MINI factory in the UK will shut down for a month after Brexit at the end of March to minimise disruption in case of a no-deal outcome. In a statement, BMW said that its summer…

BMW strike halts MINI car production in the UK

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BREXIT: BMW’s U.K. Workers Set First Strike in Decade

The Brexit effects are starting to be felt by automaker in the UK. Today, BMW UK’s workers called for their first strikes in more than two decades, testing their bargaining power amid mounting concerns about Brexit’s…

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Visiting the MINI Plant in Oxford

In 2001, the MINI brand launched its brand-new MINI hatch from its Oxford plant and as since sold over 2.5 million MINI vehicles. In its first year open, MINI sold nearly 40,000 cars worldwide, by 2015…