F90 M5

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All you need to know about the next BMW F90 M5

We tell you everything we know about the BMW F90 M5. It will be presented in Paris, will pilot laser and OLED lights, a V8 engine and four-wheel drive xDrive. It will also have the latest telematic functions.

M boss says xDrive M cars are inevitable

First BMW M5 and M6 models with all-wheel drive are coming. Over the last few months, BMW has changed its xDrive rhetoric for M cars to allow the possibility of such cars. Speaking to Autocar,…

2018 BMW M5 and M4 GTS together on the Nurburgring

The new BMW F90 M5 going fast around the Nurburgring

Spring is here and BMW resumes its Nurburgring testing for the upcoming releases. This week, the BMW F90 M5 blessed us with its presence at the legendary race track where it performed some hot laps…

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Next F90 BMW M5 likely to feature all-wheel drive

After years of speculations, there are strong indications that BMW will finally offer all-wheel drive for their M5 sedan. The next-generation F90 M5 is due out in 2018 and sources say it will come with…

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Is 600 hp enough for a BMW?

Recently, BMW M Boss, Frank Van Meel, told Autocar that 600 horsepower would be the limit for the next-gen M5. This has some BMW fans in a bit of a panic, wondering why Van Meel…

F90 BMW M5 testing at Nurburgring

The next generation F90 BMW M5 is out on the track at Nurburgring. Due out in 2018, the F90 M5 is likely to be the first M car to be offered with an optional all-wheel…