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BMWBLOG Interviews Chris Bangle

BMWBLOG had the opportunity recently to interview Chris Bangle. As usual, a memo circulated inside the group soliciting questions for the interview, and we got an array of decent topics to put in front of…

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Chris Bangle writes book and launches contest

Chris Bangle, the charismatic designer and ex-chief of design at BMW, launches a novel. The U.S.-born designer penned the Peter Teufel, A Tale of Car Design in 3 Parts. But there is more to it….

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Video: Chris Bangle on supercars

Chris Bangle, the charismatic designer and ex-chief of design at BMW, attended the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and as usual, he made a stop at the BMW exhibit where he was seen cordially chatting with…

Documentary: Chris Bangle, Ex-Chief Designer BMW

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Is Chris Bangle heading back to Fiat?

Rumor of the day is that BMW’s former chief designer, Chris Bangle, might be heading back to FIAT. The Italian company was Bangle’s previous employer before joining BMW where he built a reputation as one…

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Editorial: Bangle’s Legacy

Regardless of popular sentiment, from either pole, Chris Bangle has had a significant impact on BMW. His retirement in March of 2009 marked the end of a decade and a half of service designing automobiles…

Chris Bangle in a series of videos

Chris Bangle is getting a lot of press these days, not just from us, but from all the big media corporations, offline and online. We have covered his resignation pretty intensively and we promise, we…

Chris Bangle – An Appreciation

In the summer of 2003 I drove to Nashville in a new Jet-Black 3.0 BMW Z4 coming in from the north out of Kentucky and into little Tennessee towns. Somewhere among the little hilled hoot-n-hollers…