BMW X8 G09 likely to be unveiled by 2021

BMW X8 image 750x500

Rumor: BMW X8 might be coming after all

First rumors of a future BMW X8 date as far back as early 2017. At the time, Spanish media reported that a new SUV is in the planning stage and could join the X family…

BMW X8 image 750x500

Rumor: Is the BMW G09 X8 coming to the market?

Well, it’s been quite a year for the BMW X range, the Germans rightfully calling 2018 ‘The Year of the X’. A lot of new models have come out throughout 2018 but the year started…

BMW X8 image 750x500

RUMORED: BMW X8 could hit our streets by 2020

We haven’t even seen the official BMW X7 yet and now there are already talks of a future BMW X8? Apparently so, as the Bavarians have trademarked the X8 name in most countries. BMW has…