BMW i Division

Is BMW i Division's biggest problem its styling?

Is BMW i Division’s biggest problem its styling?

It’s no secret that BMW’s i Division hasn’t worked out quite as the Bavarians had planned. BMW was the first mainstream brand with an all-electric sub-division and it had such promise. When the BMW i3…

BMW M Division considering electrification, partnering with i Division

BMW to build autonomous testing center in Munich

BMW to build autonomous testing center in Munich

We recently learned that BMW is planning on making its next i Division vehicle, current codenamed Project i20, fully autonomous. This could mean either Level 4 (driver required but fully capable of most driving situations)…

We were wrong about BMW's i Division shifting strategies

We were wrong about BMW’s i Division shifting strategies

Quite recently, I personally wrote an article about how BMW’s i Division was somewhat shifting its priorities away from electrification and towards automation. We actually got our information from other sources, but those sources, as…