BMW 1602

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BMW i4 Inka Orange Honors The Original BMW Electric Car: Video

For the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, BMW used two electric conversions of the 1602 as transport vehicles for the Olympic committee. Therefore, the original zero-emissions Bimmer was unveiled about four decades before the company’s…

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BMW 1602 Electric Car at IAA 2021

While the BMW i3 is largely credited as the brand’s first electric car, it actually isn’t. In fact, the first-ever electric BMW debuted all the way back in 1969, with the BMW 1602 Electric. Back…

This BMW 1602 Electric Vehicle might just be the way we keep our cars alive

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Video: A Perfect Match. BMW Classic

A Perfect Match is a short film made by BMW Classic. The film is all about Jack and his weird search for a suitable replacement for the BMW 1602. The first advance laurels were already…