autonomous cars

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Video: How BMW is developing autonomous driving cars

Autonomous driving cars is seen by many as the future of transportation, yet, it might not deliver what most people are expecting. Most car makers today are investing heavily into this type of tech, considered…

Apple signs with Volkswagen for autonomous cars, not BMW

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BMW-FCA autonomous alliance wants third major partner

BMW and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are seeking one more automaker to join their autonomous driving partnership. “The road is open by the end of the year, and we have some good discussions with different other OEMs,”…

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BMW is building a giant new data center

BMW and other large automakers have set in motion plans to build their own, giant data centers. The moves are part of an expanding effort by European carmakers and suppliers to build the computing capacity…

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BMW designed Vision NEXT 100 from the interior out

With the recent boom in popularity for electric and autonomous cars, automakers must quickly shift their strategies to match modern trends. For the past 100 years or so, almost all automakers have been making cars…