Android Auto

BMW Android Auto 01 830x553

Here’s how BMW Android Auto will work on BMW models

Earlier this year BMW made the headlines around the world announcing the implementation of BMW Android Auto onboard its cars. Not only did BMW announce the support for Android Auto, but they went all out…

BMW Android Auto 01 830x553

MINI cars won’t get Android Auto, for now

The big news this week in the BMW community was the announcement around Android Auto coming to BMW cars. Android Auto in a BMW will be demonstrated live for the first time at the Consumer…

BMW Will Offer Apple CarPlay as a Subscription Service

The New iDrive Controller 17 750x500

BMW, Audi and Mercedes have most user-friendly connectivity

In today’s current automotive market, technology and connectivity are the two most important aspects of a car to most customers. The more and more in-car technology advances, the less and less customers actually care about…