2013 NAIAS

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2013 NAIAS: C7 Corvette Sets Gaze Upon M3 / M4

The sweetheart of the Detroit show is without a doubt the new C7 Corvette. We are, after all, in Detroit. Nothing in Motorcity is more homegrown than the Vette, and nothing has stirred more anticipation…

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2013 NAIAS: MINI JCW Paceman

The John Cooper Works package now makes it way into MINI Paceman and infuses it with the JCW mojo. 0-60 is now just a 6.5 seconds away and sports a top speed of 127 mph…

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2013 NAIAS: BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Shock and Awe

If the folks at Garching wanted to make waves in the M gene pool – they’ve certainly achieved their goal. The M6 constitutes the finest in German sports car engineering; it’s hewn from granite, autobahn…

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2013 NAIAS: BMW Z4 Facelift in Valencia Orange

New for 2014, BMW updates the Z4 with host of subtle enhancements to already stunning car. New headlights now feature LED rings in a new stunning 3 dimensional design topped off with LED accent lights….

2013 NAIAS: Mercedes E63 AMG S 4MATIC

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2013 NAIAS: BMW i8 Spyder Looking Sexy as Ever

Guilty as charged: we just can’t get enough. BMW’s sexy super spyder – the i8 Spyder – is one low slung, seductive sports car. Even more exciting: it’s a sports car of the future –…

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2013 NAIAS: BMW i3 Coupe Concept

Electric mobility does not have to be ho-hum “are we there yet” transportation. That is BMW’s take on the electrification of their cars, and the i3 Coupe Concept is another strong step in the direction…

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2013 NAIAS: BMW 3 Series Touring

Praise the wagon Gods, BMW hath bestowed their iconic wagon upon the American masses. A good lot of us don’t care much for SUVs thanks to their thirst and poor handling; aren’t hungry cross-overs; and…

Welcome to BMWBLOG’s 2013 NAIAS Coverage!

Live from the show floor in Detroit, we are bringing you the latest breaking news, photos and interviews you’ve been waiting for. From BMW’s American M3 rival, the all-new Chevrolet C7 Corvette, to Infiniti’s new…

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BMW at the NAIAS Detroit 2013

Captivating looks laced with premium quality and groundbreaking innovations are the standout features of the models charged with continuing the success of the BMW brand into the future. The NAIAS 2013 in Detroit will see…