5 Series

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E60/E61 5-Series: Thank You, BMW

As most of you know, we will soon see a new 5-Series BMW, codenamed the F10. While there is no doubt the new 5-Series will be a modern marvel in and of itself, in this…

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Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW 5 Series GT

Another highly awaited debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, was the new BMW 5 Series GT. We’ve mentioned in the past few months that the 5 GT is one of the most controversial vehicles built…

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First Look: BMW 5 Series GT

Two weeks ago at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, we attended a preview of the upcoming BMW 5 Series GT.  Ever since BMW has unveiled their latest gimmick, the 5 Series Gran Turismo subject…

Christopher Weil, the designer of BMW 5 Series GT

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Review: BMW 5 Series GT

Exactly two months ago, BMW has unveiled one of their most controversial concepts in the last decade, the BMW 5 Series GT. With the launch of this new model that will be part of the…