The BMW Group’s electric onslaught is paying off since deliveries of EVs in the first half of the year jumped considerably. Between January and June, the automotive conglomerate sold 190,622 cars that didn’t have a combustion engine. That’s a significant increase of 24.6% over the same period last year. This number includes EVs sold not just by the BMW core brand, but also by MINI and Rolls-Royce.

Factor in plug-in hybrids and the number grows to 269,065, an increase of 9.6% compared to January-June 2023. Doing the math, it tells us the BMW Group sold 78,443 plug-in hybrids through June this year. EVs were roughly 2.4 times more popular than PHEVs, which is to be expected given the richer variety across the three bands. Well, just two considering Rolls-Royce isn’t selling hybrids. Goodwood’s sole EV, the Spectre, doesn’t really matter from a volume perspective since it’s not exactly flying off the shelves given its exorbitant price tag.

Looking strictly at the BMW core brand, deliveries of fully electric cars increased by a whopping 34.1%, reaching 179,557 EVs. That makes sense given the unprecedented variety of models. Newcomers such as the iX2 and i5 Sedan/Touring are certainly helping the company bolster its EV sales. Subtracting BMW’s EV sales from the total means MINI and Rolls-Royce delivered a combined 11,065 electric cars in the first half of the year. We’re certain the vast majority were MINIs.

The much-hyped Neue Klasse wave of next-gen electric cars should kick things up a notch. At least six models will be launched between 2025 and 2028. An iX3 will get the ball rolling next year, followed in 2026 by the i3 sedan. BMW has refrained from revealing the identities of other models. However, an i3 wagon seems likely, along with an iX4.

Aside from NK-based cars, BMW will reportedly build electric versions of the next-generation X5, X6, and X7. These will stick to the CLAR platform. The company has already announced plans to build six EVs in Spartanburg by the end of the decade. Three of them could be the iX5, iX6, and iX7.

Source: BMW