The 2024 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este kicks off today in Italy where BMW will unveil its latest concept. Likely to be called Skytop following a leaked official video, the new showcar shows more skin in a final teaser. Released mere hours before the full debut, the clip shows some attractive details like the Hofmeister kink and Z8-esque taillights.

Skytop isn’t an all-new car since we’re expecting a heavily redesigned 8 Series Convertible, possibly an M8. Unlike BMW’s biggest cabrio model, it’ll have just two seats rather than four. In addition, it’ll eschew the electrically retractable folding fabric roof of the G14 and F91 in favor of a targa top. Although the concept is expected to look totally different on the outside, the cabin will be largely carried over. Yes, that means iDrive 7 and plenty of physical buttons.

The new BMW Skytop will be a significant departure compared to BMW’s current styling language by opting for a smoother, cleaner look. As with previous concepts that debuted at Villa d’Este, it’ll likely inherit design cues from older models. These one-offs shown on the shores of Lake Como have typically been gorgeous and the latest concept should follow suit.

We can (probably) all agree that last year’s Touring Coupe was a stunner, which is bittersweet. The Z4 M40i-based Clown Shoe almost made it to production. We haven’t lost all hope as BMW might finally build one of these gorgeous concepts one day. Could it be Skytop? We’ll have to wait and see about that. Expect the official reveal to take place in the coming hours.

We’ve ruled out an electric or plug-in hybrid setup for Skytop since the BMW roundel didn’t have a blue contour in that leaked video. It means the targa-topped beauty will have a good ol’ combustion engine. We’re not expecting anything less than a brawny V8.

Source: BMW / Instagram