In the past few months, we’ve had several opportunities to drive the 2023 BMW M2. During my visit to Phoenix, Arizona, I tried both an 8-speed auto and a 6-speed manual M2 in succession. Later, Nico also got behind the wheel of a 6-speed manual model. Additionally, I had the chance to test both transmissions again when I received two M2 press cars during a week-long rental in Chicago. So by now, we’re very familiar with the 2023 BMW M2 and how it performs with your transmission of choice.

This latest review focuses mainly on the daily driving experience, and the model we tested was the 8-speed auto with M Sport seats and a moonroof. While some purists might find this variant boring, it could be an ideal choice for a daily driver. Let’s begin with the seats. Although the carbon bucket seats are cool, I found them cumbersome to get in and out of, especially for someone on the taller side like me (6’2″), which takes away some of the enjoyment.

Regarding the moonroof, it’s worth noting that without purchasing the Carbon Package ($9,900), you won’t have access to the M Carbon Roof or the M Carbon Bucket Seats. Lastly, the eight-speed automatic is likely the preferred choice for most M2 owners, so it made perfect sense to evaluate its performance in a daily driving scenario. The video review showcases what it means to live with the 2023 BMW M2 in a Stop&Go traffic, something that most of us encounter in large cities.

Of course, if you reside in an area abundant with enjoyable twists and mountainous roads, your preferred transmission might differ, and that’s why I appreciate that BMW continues to offer us options. Granted, the eight-speed automatic matches the M2’s character and power delivery a lot better than the 6-speed manual. But that’s hardly a surprise if you experienced the same combination in the M3 or M4.

So without any further ado, here is our review of the 2023 BMW M2 8-speed automatic. As always, please let us know in the comments below which transmission you’d pick, and, also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for additional video reviews!