Bendaga is one of the oldest automotive channels on YouTube, having been around since 2007. While returning home after shooting a different video, they happened to stumble upon someone’s interesting yet sad driveway with a bunch of cars rotting away. We’ll ignore the classic Land Rover Defender and Honda Element to focus on the two real gems carrying the BMW roundel.

The M3 E30 is a car that needs no introduction and it’s painful to see it being neglected for an extended amount of time. There must be a perfectly good reason why someone who owns a first-generation M3 isn’t driving it or parting ways with the sports sedan to give it a better life. Visually, it appears to be in good shape, so we can only assume there’s something wrong with the oily bits.

The homologation special has been sitting there for several years, which you can probably tell by the flat tires and the debris. According to the owner’s wife, they’ve had several offers for the car over the years, but as you can see, the car is still on their driveway.  The owner apparently works on cars all day but hasn’t found the time to fix whatever is wrong with this M3 E30.

As for the other BMW, it’s a much older model. We’re dealing with the precursor to the original 7 Series (E23). It’s a New Six (E3) in the Bavaria specification that was sold exclusively in North America. It arrived for the 1971 model year as a replacement for both the previously available 2500 and 2800 by combining the more powerful engine of the latter with the lesser equipment of the former.

Much like the M3 E30, the four-door sedan has also been ignored for a long time. Hopefully, the person who owns them will make time to either put the duo back on the road or sell the cars to someone who can take better care of them.

Source: Bendaga / YouTube