Even if the XM is not your cup of tea, we must give credit where it’s due. In a sea of SUVs of all shapes and sizes, BMW has managed to design a sport utility vehicle that can’t be confused with anything else on sale today. If you’re tired of seeing press images shot in professional studios, here is the dedicated M model out in the real world.

The performance luxobarge has been caught on a rainy day on the streets of Munich while looking like practically no other car. It shared the road with a 3 Series Sedan (E46) with glorious hubcaps along with current-generation Touring (G21) but it’s the XM that caught our attention. Since deliveries to customers have yet to start, this is presumably a near-production prototype owned by BMW.

Painted in what appears to be M Marina Blue Bay metallic, the 2023 XM was equipped with 22-inch black wheels, but customers can go even bigger and opt for a 23-inch set. It did away with the gold accents by having all the exterior trim pieces finished in glossy black courtesy of the extended Shadowline package.

It appears we’re dealing with a prototype built to US specification judging by the orange side markers installed on the front bumper. BMW won’t be putting those on the European-market XMs, but other than that, the SUV will be virtually the same across the world. The stacked dual exhaust tips are housed within a large diffuser that has the words “Hybrid Test Vehicle” written in the center since it’s mandatory for hybrid and electric test vehicles in Europe to have labels denoting their powertrain.

Speaking of what powers the XM, the flagship M model from Munich will be available exclusively as a PHEV. For the time being, BMW intends to sell the high-performance large SUV with a V8 but there is a possibility an entry-level variant with an inline-six will be added to the lineup later in the life cycle.

Series production at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina commenced in December 2022 ahead of the vehicle’s market launch scheduled for this spring.

Source: DrGumoLunatic / YouTube